Two weeks in using insulin in my pump

So I figured I write an update and ask those who are on Novolog. yes I am being switched to Novolog (picture to come soon as to why).

So we tweaked my basal a but more. Midnight to 4pm: .80. 4pm-Midnight: .775. So we will see how that goes and to see if my numbers stabilize at all. I showed her the lovely marks that the Humalog has created and told her it really stings when I bolus. So I have samples of Novolog to try and hope that will make a difference. Pumping is definitely different than shots. Its mot tweaking and getting to know your body a bit better. Shots you really can’t make that good of an assessment as to what needs to be fixed. I’ve been trying to convince my team (and glad my new CDE is listening) that I think we need to switch the insulin. I have to call her on Monday to let her know how I am doing with the Novolog and the basal changes. So I am gonna go take a decent pic of the bruising through the infusion set as i am not at home yet. And I’ll take a pic of what it looks like underneath. At least I am on insulin!

So those who switched from Humalog to Novolog, how did you do?

I did great on Novolog for many years after problems with Humalog forced me to switch VERY quickly when I first started pumping… however I started having similar problems with Novolog 7 years later when I returned to pumping from several years of MDI, and switched to Apidra within a few weeks of that.

In the past 18 months, I’ve had intermittent site issues with Apidra as well… so it’s not exactly been a magic fix for me, however it has allowed me to pump “most” of the time. Usually what works for me when I begin to have problems is switching back to MDI (with either Humalog or Novolog, depending on what I can get ahold of) for a few days (or as long as a week) to stop the cascade effects that seem to happen when insulin is infused in the same spot. I don’t notice those effects as much on MDI… I still get injection site reactions, but it doesn’t stop the insulin from being able to work as fully as a site reaction does when I am pumping. I get both localized and systemic reactions… which has been concerning to my doctors. My allergist actually put it down in writing that he recommends I discontinue use of all analog insulins to avoid the potential of a severe reaction (though I can’t really see how that helps, as even regular and NPH use the same preservatives). I am not willing to do that (although I did try pumping u500 about 6 months ago, with poor results), so as a compromise, I carry an epi-pen at all times and I continue to use analog insulins.

Unfortunately none of my doctors have been able to track down any of the allergy test kits that the manufacturers used to provide, but I strongly suspect that what I am reacting to is not actually any of the 3 insulins, but rather one (or more) of the preservatives in them. Apidra seems to have less of most of those, but every once in a while it seems I get a lot # that is just problematic for me.

Thanks Sara…I’ve used Humalog since day one but never really paid much attention to it until i went straight back onto humalog after being on humalog 75/25 mis for over a year. And now that I am pumping, it is sooo more noticeble and hoping Novolog will change that. If Novolog doesn’t seem to do the trick, I guess apidra. if that doesn’t work oyyy vey.

I have always used Apidra in my pump so have no comparison for you. Just wanted to say good luck!

Ditto, Amy. Apidra is the only fast acting I’ve used and it works well for me. Hopefully Novolog or Apidra will work better for you. It will, it will!! LOL

I switched from Humalog to Novolog about 4 years ago and had absolutely no problems afterwards. Novolog has worked very well for me controlling my BG. Good luck!

Good News Amy!!! glad it is finally coming together!

It’s been a long time since I’ve used Humalog but I have used both Apidra and Novolog in my pump. The Apidra didn’t seem to help much with my post meal spikes so I switched back to Novolog. I’ve heard that Novolog tends to crystallize less in pumps. But I never experienced any crystallization or occlusions with Apidra either so can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in that regard. I only have intermittent stinging with boluses but it does seem to be occurring much less with Novolog than Apidra.

I hope switching helps you.

I have only used Novolog in my pump, which is 4 years now. When bolusing stung I reduced the delivery speed to slow & no problems since.

Pre-pump I used an insulin pen, the Novo Junior with 1/2 unit increments. Long before that I used Humolog, I only switched because Kaiser, my HMO, switched, & I don’t remember noticing any difference

I’m giving Novolog a try and go from there. I switch my infusion set tomorrow afternoon so I’ll see if any difference in the site change, etc.

Thanks! I am hoping Novolog will work. Today wasn’t too bad but I haven’t had a big bolus yet to test it out. But the little one didnt cause pain. I was actually pleased with 5 units going in it didn’t hurt


I know Humalog crystalizes but hope I dont have any issues with Novolog. I’ll see what happens when i change my site again and go from there. if not issues, my dr will write up a rx

I tried that with Humalog (slow delivery speed and normal and both stung!) So far Novolog is good. I’ll give it a few more days and see.