Which insulin do you use in your pump?

I’m a fairly new pumper (just over five months), and use Humalog in my pump. I’ve heard some people say that NovoRapid (Novolog in the U.S.) is better, though, for various reasons. Which insulin do you use in your pump? If you’ve used both, is there one you like better? Why might one type be better than another?

I have only used Novolog, which was the same fast-acting insulin I used before, when I used to do shots.

Now I use Novolog, I used Humalog but have found that Novolog does better and can stand being without refrigeration longer. That’s my opion anyway, might not be right though.

I’ve used them all and currently use Apidra. I hated novolog (it has a tail for me and I always end up going low after a meal) Humalog was great, I had no problems with it and then I tried Apidra just over a year ago. I take about 50% less Apidra than I did humalog and it just seems to work faster for me. I really like it. I think it has crappy insurance coverage, but it’s good on my plan.

We switched to Novolog (from Humalog) when we began pumping. However our new insurance company will only cover Humalog, so now we are switching back.

I did prefer Novolog, but it wasn’t such a drastic difference. Humalog will be fine.

I used Humalog for about 10 years and couldn’t be more happy, it worked perfectly for me. However, I never used my stomach for injections. Then I was finally convinced by my diabetic nurse to give my stomach a try. It turned out ok except for the Humalog. I found out that Humalog gave me burning feeling when injected in the stomach, so I switched to NovoRapid (Novolog) and the pain disappeared but otherwise I didn’t notice any difference. When I switched to the pump from the pens a month ago I stucked to the Novolog. Although I have to admit somehow I miss Humalog, it seems like I abondoned a loyal friend somehow.

My son uses NovoLog. That is also what he used (along with Lantus) when he was on injections.

I began on Lantus and Novolog after my diagnosis in June 2005. One year later, in June 2006 I started on my Animas pump with Novolog. I have no complaints about the Novolog but I’ve also never had experience with another insulin to know the difference.

I use Novolog, as that was what I used pre-pump. I did try Humalog when I first switched from Regular, but found that I needed much larger doses. Just when I was about to give up on analogs (humalog was the only one available at the time), they came out with Novolog, which I found to work much better, and I was even more sensitive to it than I had been to Regular.

I started with Humalog and then my Endo switched me to Apidra… I’ve been using it for more than a year now and I’m very happy with it.

I use Humalog in my pump, and it’s all I’ve ever used in it. When I was diagnosed in 1987, I was on NPH and Regular, then switched to Lente and Regular, then the pump with Humalog. I always just assumed that Novolog was just a different brand of Humalog so I’ve never even looked into differences between the two.

I use Novolog, it clears out faster then Humalog.
(used humalog prior to pump, and for a year on the pump before switching to Novolog)

I use HumaLog. That’s what I was using when I was on MDI’s, so that’s what I was put on with the pump. I’ve never used Novolog, but reading everyone’s comments it has me curious too. I have lots of after meal high readings…Hmmm…

I use Novolog in my pump. No problems so far - it’s seems to be working for me. But the real test will be when I go back to the Endo later this month for my first A1C on the pump.

I use Novolog. I used Novolog & Lantus pre-pump, and before the Novolog & Lantus, I used good ol’ NPH & R insulin (not sure of the brand but Eli Lilly made it.). I like the Novolog, but am always up for new technology.

I use Humalog, which is what I used on MDI. I forgot to bring insulin to my pump training and my CDE filled my reservoir with Novolog, but after 3 days I put Humalog in for my first change. I have no idea if the Novolog was any different since pumping was a total change on its own. My CDE has tried to get me to switch to Novolog a few times, saying it was the only insulin approved for the pump, but that’s no longer true. Humalog was approved awhile ago.

I leave my current vial in my kit in my bag until it’s empty. I fill my 300 unit reservoir completely and use it until it’s empty, and I use less than 25u a day. I have not had any problems with the insulin breaking down, either in my pump or the open vial, even in the summer. It takes me more than a month to finish a vial and I don’t discard it after 30 days.

Novolog. My daughter used Humalog when she was on MDIs, but the endo recommended a switch to Novolog because they have seen humalog not lasting quite as long in the plastic pump cartridges. He also said that Apidra was a great option. I would love to try Apidra, but need to make sure insurance covers it first.

I use Novolog in my OmniPod pump. When I’m off the pump I use Novolog and Levemir pens.

I currently use Novolog on the pump. I was on MDI with Apidra - but when I started pumping, my endo changed me to Novolog. Other than my TDD on the pump decreasing from MDI, there was no difference for me in the change from Apidra to Novo in terms of carb ratios or duration of action (for me).

i’ve used both humalog and novolog (which is what i’m currently using) and the only difference is the name of the box. there is zero difference for me.