Type 1.5 and Pumping

Are any of you late LADA’s on the pump? I am trying to get more serious about controlling my numbers, and am considering the pump. I think I am LADA…diagnosed at 50, using 8-10 units of Lantus at bedtime, and 1 unit of Humolog per 15 g’s of carbs. I tested positive for GAD and other antibodies.

I am! I love pumping. It makes it so much easier for me to get control - I know for many people it’s more work, but for me it was less.

I have an endo appt next week and I was thinking about asking him about the pump! So I hope you’ll share your experiences. I use about 7 U Lantus at bedtime I occasionally bolus with 1 U Novolog for 30 g carbs. I can’t wait to hear what people respond to this thread.


I am LADA and On The Pump. I was diagnosed feb 2006, at age 38, Never had a sign I had Diabetes Until I went into a coma, I am on 42 Diff pills a day (all diabetes related problems) and am on the MiniMed Medtronic Pump 722, Its been hard and the Pump is NOT helping much for me, But others I have talked to say its great for them, If I were you id check out some of the pumps and then talk to your endo about it, It Might help you, Good Luck and God Bless

Vickie lynn

Thanks and good luck to you! Wow! Hope you are able to get some relief with your pumping.

Personally I would question the use of the oral meds if you truly are LADA. Perhaps you should have some other tests to confirm the LADA diagnosis.

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I have had all the test and am LADA, The Oral meds are for the Kidneys, Eyes,Tumor in Liver,COPD in Both Lungs,Thyroid,Colestrol,Heart, Dead pancrease, 0.1 beta cless alive, and Many other problems that developed since being dig with diabetes, i have 7 Diff dr’s i see every month, Plus all the ones they just add to drive me nuts, I never was sick till Feb 2006 when my sug went to 700+ and went into a coma at home, when my husband and son found me and took me to the hosp thats when i was told about the diabetes and since then i have been labeled so many diff kinds of diabetic, the latest is the LADA. The Pump and a extra shot of a diff insulin a day doesnt help much BUT we are trying a new thing and it seems to be showing some signs of lower levs, I was staying between 30-600 sug lev several times a day but with this it seems to be keeping me under 400, I have more lows but not so many High Highs, (not recommended to try at home without Dr advice) but this is the new way im trying it now as of the past week. I take whatever my sug lev is ( ex > if my sug lev is at 320 I take away 120 from that 320-120= 200 then divide the 200 by 40 =5 then add that amount of insulin (Manual bolus), it seems to be helping some and i check my levs a min of 15 times a day (yes sore fingers as they will not allow me to check my levs anywhere but the fingers) I have 3 Main Bolus on the pump. plus checking 15 times a day and I have to change out my infusion and insulin every 2 days rather than 4 as my body seems to be resisting the insulin, anyway this has been a real trip for 2 years now (not one i have enjoyed) But I keep fighting and trying all the new ways to get better, I have lost Over 135 lbs, I have 93% Neuropthy thru my body and use a wheel chair part time (as i hate that thing) But as with any health problems all you can do is Fight and Not give up, I am not telling you this so you will get upset and feel sorry for me, But so you know that No matter what you can Never Give Up. Beleive me If i can fight this with every breath i take so can you, I will be praying for you all and ask the same in return, Thanks for reading and Thanks for this site everyone, Its really Interesting to Learn More about Diabetes and Learn that I am NOT alone in this battle, God Bless,

*Always In My Prayers And Always In My Thoughts *

Wow, Vickie Lynn. You have been given a tough battle to fight. Do they know why your body is rejecting insulin? Is there a cause that would remain even if you had a transplanted pancreas? Do your #'s differ based on your diet?

I see by your photos of your beautiful family, you have lots of reasons to keep fighting. You know we are all rooting for you.