Lada what’s this?

As an 80 yr old type 1 for 60 yrs in good health I would appreciate clarification of what the accronym LADA stands for?!

Latent autoimmune diabetes

… in adults.

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LADA is also characterized by a slow onset and typically much longer honeymoon than is the case for juvenile-onset diabetes. Of course, the slow onset and long honeymoon may not be noticed if they are only diagnosed when the finally end up in the ER with DKA. Instead, if is caught early, they instead tend to get mis-diagnosed as T2 until they talk someone into running the battery of antibody tests. (LADA is defined as anti-body positive, and are considered a subset of T1. Other insulin-deficient diabetics are yet another type.)

Thanks - after 60 yrs II must be passed Lada. On the other hand I wasn’t a juvinialwhen I became type 1 !

The majority of people with LADA do progress slowly towards Type 1, billb57, but I was one of the exceptions.

Prior to a head cold followed by another virus, my BGL was normal. Within 3 weeks I had no energy and was feeling confused but had no other Type1 symptoms. Shortly after I was hospitalized and diagnosed by my then doctor as Type 2 because of my age and because I had no ketones BUT had a BGL of 27.3 mmol/L (491).

My still endo diagnosed LADA within 3 months and I was injecting Bolus and Basil insulins within 6 months. It took 2 years but I am now classified as Type 1.

I have just past 10 years living with diabetes and recently celebrated my birthday aged 67.