Type 1 About to Begin Peritoneal Dialysis

I’ve had Type 1 for 20 years and now my kidneys are failing. I’ve been using an insulin pump successfully for the past 4 years. In three days I am having surgery to implant a catheter for peritoneal dialysis. Has anyone been through this?

Hi Alison! I’m sorry to read about your kidney problems, but I have a feeling that once you start on the peritoneal dialysis, you’ll feel much better.

My father, who suffers from hypertension (which caused his kidneys to fail), recently underwent a successful kidney transplant. Before his transplant, he was on peritoneal dialysis. Although there were some of the typical issues (infections, etc.), I think his overall experience with it was positive. It allowed him to continue with his job, and he was even able to travel with it - he flew from NH to MD to give me away at my wedding.

Are there any specific questions that you have?

Are you on a transplant list?

Thanks for the response, Shannon. Yes, I’m on the transplant list for a pancreas and kidney. For the time being I’m focusing on diaysis. I am best with one hurdle at a time. I’m mostly curious to hear from others that have had this about the day to day routine of things. Are there comfort issues? Is showering alot of work? What happens if something interrupts the actual dialysis? What about if you’re sick?

I’m so pleased to hear how well your dad is doing. That walk down the aisle is something so precious between us girls and our daddys!

im just 3 years diabetic… im so sorry to hear that… i’m scared myself when the time comes that the complications will start to overcome my system! but as long as im ok, i’ll live life to the fullest…

Hi Jamie, You need to live life to the fullest and not dwell on what could happen. I wasn’t always a good patient and I probably wouldn’t be facing surgery now if I’d taken my condition as seriously as I do now. When I was young I felt infallable. As my doctor said to me recently, “You have alot of health issues but nothing that cannot be managed or fixed”

I had the surgery at 11 am today and am already home and thankfully resting. My stomach is sure painful, but bearable and I’m looking forward to some medication and a long night in my own bed :slight_smile: My dialysis nurse was in the operating room and stayed with me so that was super helpful.


I am so sorry to hear of the issue. There are few things to think about when doing peritoneal Dialysis. First, please please take care to sterilize the items you use. The biggest risk besides not doing it, st not getting your items completely free of harmful bacteria. i knwo, many of us do things like reusing finger sticks, and we make it just fine NP. With dialysis it is a very different situation. Think of the port as a direct line into the body and even the simpelist mistakes can be very harmful.

Second, you will likely have lots of supplies, it is important that you keep these at the recommended temperature and in some cases out of sun light. Follow those instructions as well. Finally be careful that you do nt try to rush yourself until you knwo how you will feel. Sometimes, it can take just as much time to recuperate from a peritoneal dialysis is as a regular in unit procedure.

Now the good news, this will be fine. Take care to do it correctly and DO NOT CUT CORNERS in the procedure. I wish you the very best.

Rick Phillips

Thank you! Your’re so right about proper handling. I’m fortunate to have lots of suitable room, etc.

I’ve been propped up in bed watching a movie this evening and for the most part, I’ve gotten into the film and not thought about my surgery site - until I move. Owie! But all for a good cause.

My dialysis nurse says we’ll wait at least four week and then try incrimental dialysis. I’m patient and will just follow orders and work towards my goal of feeling ‘less crappy’


Alison…big hug:) Hope you heal quickly and feel much better as you start HD. I am so glad you are on the dual transplant list (kidney and pancreas). Let us know how you are doing as you are feeling better.

Glad you’re home & feeling ok (minus the owies). Ouch, the tender tummy.

Rest well!

Alison - you have good spirits with everything that you are going thru’. I hope I can be the same way if I ever have to face some of the ordeals we PWD’s go thru’ with long term diabetes (42 years for me since age of 7).
Damn, just came back from your home page - was thinking before I did that - “does Alison live close by”. Well, heck, you are in Canada, but alas North Bay is abit of a scoot for me here in Montreal. Hope the cold weather isn’t too rough for you - I doubt you’re going outside while you in the healing process. It’s -30C here today - and I’m going for an ugh walk in a few minutes - all bundled up.
Take care - and see you around the playground here at Tudiabetes!
Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Sorry Alison…I assumed it was HD…I see you are starting on PD. Good luck and be well.

Thanks Anna :slight_smile: What a cheery note to receive. I sure wish I was going for a walk in that cold air today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to stand upright. I’ve been shuffling around the house regularly to keep the old body moving. I thought the pain would be a little less with 3 small incisions but my nurse told me this morning that there is a fair bit of poking around and moving my lower intestines for the procedure so I must be patient for that all to simmer down. Glad I got my Christmas prep out of the way. Thank goodness for the internet to pass the time. :slight_smile: Have a super day.

Alison Hann