Type 1 and almost 33

Hi all. I am a type 1 who will be 33 in 14 days. I've been seriously considering pregnancy, but, like many here, have found it hard to nail down good reference material. My A1C for the last 2 tests have both been 5.8. I expect that this A1C (I missed getting my last one...whoops) will be a little higher (in the 6-7 range) because summer has been pretty fun, but less focused on the D. So, I will have had a year's worth of control in target rande (MDI, not pump...but I have a Dexcom 7).

My biggest question at this point is this....is it too dangerous for a type 1 to have a baby at 33? I've have T1 for almost 15 years now.

Thanks for your thoughts on this!!

I’m Type2 & had my daughter when I was 33. Pregnant at 32 & she was born 2 days after my 33rd birthday.

I think that if you are in good health as well as having a good A1C you should be fine. See your doctors & talk to them about it. They will be your best source of what to do & when to do it.

Best of luck to you.

I asked all of my doctor’s that question (too dangerous) before making my decision to try. I think you should do that and base your decision on what they tell you. Get more than one opinion to help.

Something else to consider … I also had to think of how I would be able to manage my my own health afterwards, and take care of my baby. I had a great pregnancy given my age and being T1 for what seems like forever (27 yrs when I conceived!) but when I ended up with a c section, my recovery and caring for my diabetes has been a wild ride. My daughter is doing absolutely fabulous! Thank God! My body is doing pretty good but I am striving to do better. It’s not easy when you have to balance the baby’s needs and your own every moment.

Adding to what Donna said. Make sure you have support. Thats key in anyone having a child especially for women like us who have health issues.

I never thought that there was an Age danger (outside of the normal age risks) with Type 1 diabetics…I thought that the most important thing is your control. Then again, i am only learning a lot because I am now pregnant. I hope there is no danger in doing it at 33 becuase I may want to try to have a second child after this one and I am 30 now.

Not too dangerous. We’ve had members here who’ve been older than that and had great first pregnancies! I’m 30 and have a 7 month old and am planning the next pregnancy for age 32 or 33. I’ve had T1 for 20 years.

I highly recommend the book “Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes” by one of our beloved members here (Cheryl Alkon).

Thanks, Melissa, as always, for your book praise!

And Beth, I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 7, and had my first healthy son at age 37. I’m now pregnant again at 40, and so far, knock wood, all has been fine. I blogged and am blogging about both pregnancies at Managing the Sweetness Within (www.thesweetnesswithin.blogspot.com).

I will say that I have had laser treatment on my eyes during both pregnancies, and had a scheduled c-section due to my retinopathy, but since my vision has been fine, I don’t consider these problems at all. I also did a lot of fertility treatment for my first pregnancies and subsequent attempts, but conceived the current pregnancy with very minimal intervention.

If you have topnotch medical care and keep your A1cs within the recommended ranges, you are no more likely to have problems with a baby than a woman without diabetes.

Good luck!

–Cheryl Alkon
author, Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby (www.cherylalkon.com/book.php)
blogger, Managing the Sweetness Within (www.thesweetnesswithin.blogspot.com)

I just had my first baby three months ago at age 32. Everybody is healthy and happy.

I had one Endo tell me that she prefers her diabetic patients to have their babies before age 35, but that is by no means a requirement. Her reasoning is that you already have one risk factor (diabetes,) so it’s better to avoid any other risk factors (like age.) Examples like Cheryl show us that it is more than possible to have a healthy pregnancy and outcome well into your thirties.

A Sweet Journey to Motherhood

I’m 32 and will probably be almost 33 or just gone when baby arrives. Its due on my 33rd birthday! I’ve had diabetes 23 years. I certainly intend to try again after this one! Praying that IVF will be just as successful next time round.

I had my 1st at 29, my 2nd and 32 and my 3rd at 36. They are all healthy, active and keeping me insane.

If it is something you want, go for it.

Good luck!

I had my 1st at 30 and now 21 weeks along with #2! Everything fine with both, just constantly testing and trting tokeep A1C good, do beware that BS will go CRAZY when prego due to hormones. I’ve been diabetic since age 2, so 33 years. I’m a pumper and trying to get a CGM this time around. I say go for it if it’s wat you want. Both my OB and endo OK’d prior to us trying. My endo says that’s more about your health not your age.