Type 1 and insulin resistance?

When my thyroid went out of whack, I had to practically triple the amount of insulin I was using until I got things optimized. I know you said bloodwork was fine, but did you get actual numbers of your thyroid stuff? Unfortunately, a lot of doctors don't really get thyroid and only look at TSH (that doesn't tell you anything).

I turned 30 in December.

The last time I got bloodwork done in January, I had my TSH and Free T4 checked. TSH was 2.2 mU/L (with a range of 0.38 - 5.5 mU/L), and Free T4 was 18.2 pmol/L (with a range of 10.5 - 20.0 pmol/L), so both within the normal range for the lab.

Hello Jen, Yes I've dealt with the same problem of having to use more Insulin to cover my meals. With me it happens for a little while then thing go back to what I call normal. I cant explain it either. hang in there and be good

Haha I thought so but I thought maybe you found the fountain of youth or something. :)