Type 1 and insulin resistant

My Endo thinks I might be insulin resistant. I have been type 1 for 23 years. My current basal rates (tslim pump) range from 1.8 to 2.4 units per hour. I have had many episodes where insulin does not seem to work for hours and hours and then suddenly it all takes effect with resulting lows, very low, lows. Endo also tells me I have developed insulin antibodies.

Anyone else out there T1 and insulin resistant? Anyone taking metformin for the condition?

I developed insulin resistance as a T1D. None of my doctors recognized it. I was slowly gaining weight (25 pounds over 5 years) and my insulin just didn't work as well as it used to. My A1c climbed from mid 6% to 8.5%. Some insulin corrections didn't move my BG at all.

I broke its back by going low carb, walking every day, and losing 25 pounds. My A1c dropped, I used 1/2 my usual total daily dose of insulin, and my weight loss took little direct effort. My A1c ranged from 5.9%-6.4% during the last two years.

I've never taken Metformin but I'd be curious to see if it worked for me. Insulin resistance is wicked. I could never predict my BGs and I spent way too much time high. But then the insulin would finally gain traction and drove me dangerously low. Not a nice way to live!

Dr. Bernstein's law of small number is one of the smartest things I've learned. Low carbs = smaller insulin doses = smaller mistakes. It works.

Good luck, I know how tough it is.

I have become insulin resistant. My TDD was around 30U for decades but after being put on prednisone, chemotherapy, and eventually gaining almost 60 pounds during a battle with another illness (I was very skinny) my TDD tripled and some days my insulin has little effect. I also have days when suddenly my insulin requirements drop considerably. My change in insulin sensitivity has had no impact on my A1C.

I run from 1.6 to 2.5 on my basal, so I'm pretty insulin resistant. I'm also taking metformin.

Metformin has, for me, a 'calming' effect on BG spikes. I've had to be without it from time to time due to some medical procedures, and that works OK (with some moderate basal adjustments) until I eat, then my insulin needs go through the roof, fast! Upwards of three times my normal. I often get the delayed highs when I'm unable to take it.

Hi there!

I'm also T1D and insulin resistant, and have the same issues you describe. I was on metformin at the beginning when I was a teenager, but it had nastyyyy side effects for me and I refused to take it anymore. I was essentially nauseous all the time. There is an Extended Release Metformin, which worked better for me, but I still had some stomach issues, but not as bad. You'll have to ask your doctor to write for that specific type of metformin if you're interested in trying. I say it doesn't hurt to try it out, I did see a benefit to my sugars and it lowered my basals, but I found the side effects not worth it for me in the end, but everyone reacts differently I bet.

Honestly, the best thing for me is consistent exercise. It has the same effect as metformin on the resistance. I can't exercise every day, so I have different basals for days I do exercise and days I don't, and I have good months and bad months following through with it ya know.

Yes I am also insulin resistant, I took metformin but it only made me sick to my stomach, I'm now doing no carbs and started to loose weight. hang in you will find what works best for you