Type 1 - Can't seem to lose Weight! HELP!


Eric Westman is now the president of ASBP and he as started a new venture called "Heal Clinics" focused on the use of low carb diets in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. The first one is in Durham, NC and he hopes to franchise the system. Personally I'm not happy with his use of the term "cure" in his marketing literature but he is at least honest that his technique actually put diabetes into remission using a low carb lifestyle.


Thanks for that.
after the liver/pancreas fat is gone, I guess remission would be dependant on how many cells are left in the pancreas? There are several ways to get said remission, it's a matter of finding what works for the person. I would think it is just as important keeping the weight off long term .


Remission? This thread is about Type 1 diabetes. In this case, there is no remission of disease. I'm unclear as to what you mean...


T1 and remission don't go in the same sentence. care to clarify?


Type 1 for 37 years. I have Graves Disease which was the result of an over active thyroid. It was awesome!! I was already an average build, and the weight FELL off of me. I took meds, and when I got pregnant, it went into remission. Flash forward 18 years, and my thyroid went under active. I gained 100 pounds, and docs wouldn’t listed when I tried to tell them my thyroid was underactive. They kept saying my TSH blood work was normal. I found a good website-google Stop the Thyroid Madness. It explained that the TSH can take a very long time to show up correctly. My numbers finally showed what I had been saying for over a year, and put me on Synthroid. I still have all this weight, and struggling to get it off with no luck. Hope the Joslin Clinic helped you.

Note: Just joined this website, and your post was 2 years ago. Hope you get this. LOL

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