Type 1 @ College

Hey everybody! I’m a type 1 and I’m a college freshman at Texas Tech. I heard about this website from our facebook group. I love networking with other diabetics. I have a website for any type 1’s who are going to college, in high school, or parents dealing with it. It is another great website specifically targeted to diabetics dealing with “college”. It is:


Hi Haley,
Great site - wish I’d had something similar in college!

hey haley, i love your site! i’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes and am currently being treated as a type 1. due to complications my endo could not run my blood test yet. but since i will be going back to school still very-much insulin-dependent, your website’s helping me think of what to do to cope! thanks girl!

Thanks! Yeah it is so HARD going to college without the challenge of diabetes. Add that in and it can be a challenge. I wasn’t well prepared my first semester and ended up going into DKA and slipping into a comatose state! Now we have decided that this CAN NOT happen to other diabetics so we want to equip everyone with the knowledge needed to be successful!

Hi Haley,
My daughter is type 1 & off to college this fall. She’s excited about all the changes but very nervous too! Like where to keep her insulin safe, etc. And yes, we have to let go & let her live her life. She’s living on campus with a friend, so hopefully she’ll eat right & close enough to home so that it’s easy for her to adjust.

I’ll see if she’s interested in connecting. Her new laptop is coming on Thursday.

Wow, Haley, that’s a great site!

I wish there had been something like that when I started college.

Right now I am one of the USA reps for the Novo Nordisk International Diabetes Youth Panel (it’s a mouthful), and we’re working on ways to network youth around the world with diabetes. Your site seems like a great place to do that. Keep it up! When our website goes live, I would be honored if you’d link to it :).

Thanks, Kelly

Nice site Haley. Like everyone else, wish I had something similiar when I was in college.

I made it through college ok w/ my diabetes, except one summer semester when I was dehydrated and hospitalized for a day or so.

Good luck and enjoy yourself - even though you are a Red Raider. :slight_smile: I am a Mizzou Tiger - we are Big XII rivals. :slight_smile: