Type 1 Diabetes and Twins?

Anyone on here type 1 and been pregnant with twins? Just found out and can’t find any info about it…any feedback is appreciated.

Hi you should check out Diabeticmommy.com. There are users there who have indeed had twins and a couple currently pregnant with twins. Its a forum for all types of D however the users I am thinking of are Type 1. Hope that helps some.

No, but congrats!

Yes! I’m about 22 weeks along with twins. I’ve been flying blind on this too, but so far everything has been fine with no complications. I can try to answer any questions you may have. I didn’t know about that site diabeticmommy.com so I’ll be checking it out too ~

My twins turned 9 months old yesterday. I was sick the whole time, but, it can be done. I would request Echocardiograms to make sure they are growing properly.