Type one pregnant with identical twins!

Hi everyone! I am 11 weeks pregnant with identical (mono/di) twins.... Is there anyone else on the group who has been there too? I was prepared for pregnancy with a singleton and I am overwhelmed at just how much harder this may be.

Those of you who have gone through this - how did it go? How long were you able to keep the twins in, and were they a normal size?

Any advice would be amazingggggg! I've been running mostly low, but the past couple days I've ran high for about 3 hours post dinner, ugh.

Thanks :)

I’m type 1.5, and my mono/di boys are 15 months old. They were delivered early (30 w) because I developed severe pre-eclampsia at 28 w. my pregnancy was NOT the typical pregnancy; it was one of those worst case scenarios. But my boys are healthy and strong today, so that’s what matters.

You’ll be getting monitored SOOOOO much - the diabetes + mono/di multiples. I think the longest I ever went without an ultrasound was 3 weeks.

Thank you for the info! I haven't had an appt for a little over 2 weeks and I'm anxious already, lol. I'm just hoping I can keep them in as long as possible. Were you working during pregnancy? At what point did you stop? My Dr has indicated that he normally takes identical twin Moms off work at 20 weeks, ahhh. That's early April for me. Very worth it though, I think I'm going to be stretched thin with all the Dr's appts alone.

I worked until about 22 weeks. It was really tough by that point. I was measuring about 37 weeks by then, and it was hard to get around.

I just gave birth to our mono/di twins Jan 21. This was my first pregnancy and it wasn’t bad. I worked until 34 weeks and went in for scheduled induction at 36 weeks. Everyone is happy and healthy now. If you have any questions please ask. Good luck and congratulations!