Type 1 diabetes took Eilish from the world yesterday

Our hearts go to the family of Eilish, a beautiful 13 year old girl with type 1 diabetes who has passed away. Let’s light up a candle for her and her family that stays behind…

Here are the sad news as shared by Ellen Ullman on the Children With Diabetes forum:

So very sorry to hear this =[ Keeping her family in my prayers.

Speechless. So very sorry for such a loss.

Terribly saddening and shocking. My deepest condolences to the parents and family.

All of us are so fortunate to have not befallen the same in our youth with D.

Heavenly Dreams, Sweet Young Lady, Eilish. Blessed Be You.

My sad sympathy to her Family and Friends.

Sorry to hear this as someone so young and innocent not given a chance but it almost doesn’t surprise me. We are all ticking time bombs with this disease and in some way lucky (if you want to call it that) to have survived as long as we have. On a positive note she won’t have to endure any more suffering. I hope incidents like this only magnify how desperately we need a cure before we loose even more. Our reality is we are all just a few units or carb grams away from being deathly ill on a daily basis. Until our society looks at diabetes like its death sentence instead of a cash cow we may remain helpless. Lets hope for a change in thinking.

I am so sorry for this family’s loss. My deepest condolences and prayers to them.

So sad…my thoughts and prayers for the family…

Hug your loved ones tonight and tell them Ellish’s story that she may not be forgotten. She was far too young to be lost! My heart goes out to her family, may they find peace.

Everyone of these stories breaks my heart. She’s in my thoughts, as well as her friends and family

Heartbreaking.We never know how long we have here, a good reminder to cherish every moment.

So very sad to hear of this! Her family will be in my prayers. I think if I lost one of my children I would NEVER be the same!

So sad to hear of anyone passing with D, especially a beautiful, young child. I will keep her family in my thoughts.

But Danny as both of us know it’s only 5-10 years away. LOL! Not appropet I know but isn’t that what we’ve been told? Shouldn’t have put lol after that. Again my apoliges

My heart and prayers go out to the family.

Devastating. Tragic & heartbreaking for a young life to be taken.

so tragic…

prayers and healing thoughts to her and her family.

I feel for the family, and sorry just doesn’t seem to say enough, having lost my own daughter. But that’s really all one can say.

This article deals with the dead in bed syndrome that appears to be what happened to Eilish:

my heart is heavy for this poor child’s parents., I know of another young person, a type one cousin of some of my firends who died in bed several years ago, at age 29 . She was healthy and happy and it was an awful time for her fanily… No one really knew , at the time, why she died. Such a tragic situation. I am praying for their hearts to be healed . so sad…

God bless,