11yr old Jacob passed away from DKA yesterday morning (type 1 diabetes)…

was in coma 2wks prior...

Please keep this family in your prayers....

another soldier in the D-army gone way too soon...

so incredibly sad.


I can’t help but be mad…way too young. They’ll be in my prayers, how sad.

Prayers for the family …devastating .

My condolences to the family on the loss of their young son. Such a loss

My sincerest condolances. Way too young for this condition to have taken him. My heart breaks each time we lose an innocent.

Oh, Dear God. My heart breaks for this family. They will remain in my prayers.

His family will be in my prayers. This is very sad.

It’s always tough to hear stories like these… You always want to get angry at something, someone, somehow… for things like this happening… The best we can do is channel that energy… and just… embrace the families with support during this difficult time of grief. I am so very sorry for their terrible loss.

Very sorry to hear that. I will keep them in my prayers.

A tragedy:( My heart breaks for Jacob’s family.

Oh my gosh. How awful . My prayers go out to his family. I have a newly diagnosed Type 1 , 12 year old daughter, this hits too close to home

Heartbreaking, and I am beginning to become extremely concerned. This is about the fifth case I have read about on the Internet of a child dying from either high or low blood sugar in the past six months. How many others die? I don’t think most children with diabetes or their parents participate in on-line forums. I think we are not aware of the extent of this problem and the real numbers. Certainly pediatric endos underplay this problem. I cannot imagine how these parents will continue living on without their child. My heart goes out to them.