Type 1 diabetics and medicare

any type 1 diabetics on medicare who's on cgms and did not have any problems with medicare getting coverage,please send me a email.i didn't think that medicare would cover cgms.please talk to me.thank you.



Medicare does not cover CGMS.

  • Hank

hi hank
i didn’t think that medicare would cover cgms,but this person in my exercise class told me that medicare paid for her,but i didn’t think that was true,i just want to hear it from sombody else.just think if it was true how many people would be trying to get one.
thank you hank

Medicare will cover cgms if your Dr. says it is a medical necessity .He will need to write them a letter. They will cover some of the cost but it will still be expsensive for you.

Well that’s interesting. When I ordered sensors late last year I asked Dexcom and they said Medicare wouldn’t cover it. I need to place an order next week and will ask them again. Thanks

  • Hank

hi brad
thank you,i will have to apologize to my friend.

In 2008 I read where medicare does have code numbers for cgm. I had checked last year and they weren’t covering cgms…haven’t checked lately.

I check with Dexcom today and they tell me that Medicare does not cover CGMS.

Medicare tends to ignore us as older Type 1s. When I turned 65 and went on Medicare I was told I had to see my Endo every 3 months. Before that I was seeing him every 6 months because he knew I was controlling/managing my Diabetes and was doing well. Last year I thought like you to fight for a CGM but changed my mind when I realized that I would only occasionally want to wear one. I wore one tempoarily through my educators office and since I do have access to one I changed my mind. But I encourage you to pursue and don’t give up.

I got mine for only 3 days but it was b/c I was really riding the rollercoaster. Now I’m back on my own. Had to return it to the company or pay outright for it.