Medicare/ reimbursement?

I turned 65 on April and Medicare/Medicaid wouldn't cover for the Dexcom (on MM for 4 years,Dexcom for 1 year) they advice me to buy them myself and ask for reimbursement, I got a letter from my endo to support my request and want to give Medicare all possible information to make this possible , did some of you follow this steps and succeeded?
could you give me some advice?
Thank you very much!

you might want to read some of these posts

and you might want to join this group

CGMS is currently not covered by Medicare. There are many people working to have that changed. One of my co-bloggers, Sue from Pennsylvania, is very active in the crusade to have the Medicare regulations changed. You can read her story and contact her through this page on my blog: Not all of her posts address Medicare and CGMS, but if you scroll down, you'll be able to read the ones that are. If you wish to contact Sue, click on the Menu "Contact other authors" and select Sue from Pennsylvania.

There is currently a bill in the US Senate to require Medicare to cover CGMS. JDRF, the ADA, Medtronic, Dexcom, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists support it.

Please go to this page at JDRF to see the two ways that you can have your voice heard: In the third paragraph, there are two links to check to be heard. The first link sends you to a page where you fill out your info and it magically contacts your two senators. The second link is a petition to sign which has over 50,000 signatures now.

I encourage everyone who is part of TuDiabetes to go to this page. It is hugely important for everyone with diabetes and especially for those of us on Medicare or soon to be on Medicare.

Thank you Marie and Laddie, I have had sign the letters (and posted in my Facebook with request to share) and will keep checking on the www. I didn't come across any answers for this "reimbursement" proposal yet, will keep checking...:)