Type 1 Runners Needed

As you may know, Insulindependence has an all type 1 diabetics team running in the Ragnar Relay Del Sol on February 27th and 28th. This is a twelve runner relay covering 194.3 miles from Prescott to Mesa, Arizona, with each runner covering from 10 to 18 miles divided into three sections.
If you’re familiar with multi-day relays like Hood to Coast, Reach the Beach, or one of the other Ragnar events, this is the same sort of thing.
Well, we’ve lost a few runners due to injuries and other commitments, and we need more type 1 diabetic runners to fill out the team. If you’re interested in this adventure, and you think you could run about 5 miles 3 times within a period of about 20 hours, please drop me a line at jpnairn at gmail dot com.
Registration is already paid, and the team will provide food and refreshments, and a technical running shirt, during the race. Each runner is responsible for their own travel arrangements.
We are not an especially competitive team. We are not in this to win the event. The main objective is to raise awareness about diabetes and exercise, and to bring together some like-minded diabetic athletes… to have a blast.

This sounds really cool! Have fun!!! I wish I could join you guys, but Team WILD is having an Advisory Board Meeting that weekend. Keep up the great work!!
Mari Ruddy

Hi, Mary,
This posting was about last year’s relay. This year, Glucomotive has entered a team in the Great River Relay in August. If you’re interested, there may be openings on the team. See http://glucomotive.org/relayInterest.php

Hi Jerry!
okay, that’s just funny that I didn’t look at the date. Thanks for the link. Looks cool. This year my goals are to do a marathon and another 70.3. Then in 2011 Team WILD will send a number of women with diabetes to either the Florida or Arizona Ironman! Me included.

See you out there,

That’s awesome, Mari. I’m happy to see Team WILD take off.
I’m also happy to see how the Red Riders are growing by leaps and bounds. I’m really grateful to you for starting it. Now that you made it happen, it seems obvious that the Tour de Cure should have been doing something like this, and the Red Striders, all along.
It has an impact on people’s lives that goes beyond the money they raise for the ADA.

the funny thing is that we’ve discovered in Colorado that the Red Riders raise on average quite a bit more than the average rider without diabetes. Stands to reason: recognize & celebrate the REASON for the ride and raise more money along the way!!! But I don’t blame the ADA for not coming up with the idea in a big way from the inside out… it HAD to come from a volunteer who had intimate even generational experience with diabetes. My dad NEVER told anyone, so I knew that aspect of things had to be taken into consideration. (My dad was diagnosed with type 1 in 1966 in rural MN, he was an athlete and the diagnosis was a huge blow on all levels.) Anyway, my experience as a cancer survivor and all the great paving of the way done by Lance & the millions of breast cancer surviving women really helped me see that we could bring that same survivor energy to the world of diabetes. And do it in a positive, joyful way.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s all helping in a good way!!!