Type 1 still breastfeeding, maybe pregnant

Hi all,
I am type 1 and just started on an insulin pump. I am still breastfeeding my 9 month old son and wanted to continue until he is at least 1 year but my husband and I have been talking about getting pregnant again. I know a lot of people breastfeed while pregnant but I wanted to know if any Type 1’s have done this and how hard does it make control? I had a really hard time getting control in the last pregnancy but was on MDI of Humulin N and Humalog whereas now I am pumping with Novorapid so am hoping control will be easier.
Any experience or advice would be welcomed,
Thanks :slight_smile:

I haven’t done it yet, but I’m still breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter and plan to do extended BF for as long as she likes. I’d like to have my kids be 2-3 years apart, so I will likely do tandem nursing or at least will consider it.

I’ve read up on it at kellymom.com’s page on tandem nursing and don’t see any particular risks as a Type 1, but I’ll let you know if and when I’m in that situation. Until then, it’s all speculation! Do you still have a lot of lows due to BF? I ask because mine leveled out after a few months.

Thanks for the reply. No I don’t have lows any more - it didn’t actually take that long for my body to adjust after we had breastfeeding established. If you are planning that big a gap I will probably be there before you! My husband and I are both early-mid 30’s so we want to get pregnant some time in the next 6 months if possible to leave the option of a third child still viable. I will check out the kellymom.com site - thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Heather my daughter is one in 9 days and I currently bf her in the morning and at night. I am ttc at the moment and I intend to bf her until she weans herself. If i do manage to get pregnant again I shall let you know

thanks :slight_smile: I thought I was pg this last month but was just late. I see my Ob-Gyn on the 30th so will discuss with him and if I get the all clear we will start trying in December. Took us a while last time though so guess will just wait and see.

Thats whats so frustrating for me atm as i got pregnant straight away with my daughter and then again as soon as we started trying this time, but it must have been a ‘chemical pregnancy’ so it didnt last more than two days after i was late. I worked it out today I would be 4 months pregnant if it had implanted ok. was obviously not meant to be. I am waiting for AF this month. I am dpo 9 atm and have been feeling strange since just after ovulating so my fingers are crossed too, tho my sugars went up 2 days ago so i am now worrying that AF is definately coming