Type 1 supplies in NZ

I’m travelling to New Zealand for 3 months in September and was just hoping someone might be able to help with picking up insulin and test strips etc whilst I am there. I will be taking a 3 month supply (I think). I am still undecided on the best option, but I was just hoping to find out costs of supplies in New Zealand and what processes I have to go through to be able to pick them up? I am from England. If anyone can help please give me a shout!


Hi, probably best to take your own supplies, if you can fit them in your bags.

Just packed for Australia for six months taking everything, including pumping supplies

If you want a laugh, see everything I packed in my Youtube vid, Off to Australia


Ye I’ve come to the decision I’m going to take enough to cover the time I’m there. I’m just a little worried if my pack is stolen and it has my supplies in or I manage to lose them some how that I will be able to pick supplies up whilst I am there. :confused: