New Zealand and type 1 diabetes?

Hello everyone,

few days ago I applied for a Working Holiday on New Zealand and I will probably fly there on the 28.9 2013. I am type 1 and will need a lot of insulin and infusion sets - I use pump. I will probably take all these properties with me, but you know everything can happen and I need my insulin so I am little scared about that. Is there anyone from New Zealand who can give me some info about NZ and diabetes ? How much cost humalog 5 ml in New Zealand without insurance ? Can I pay for that in cash ? I want to work and travel (backpacker style) so I probably will not have a fridge to keep insulin in cold. Can anybody help me with that ? I am looking for some friend and of course we can go hangout or something like that :) I want to try woofing and live and work on the farm :)

BTW :I am from Czech Republic in the Europe and I am 21 guy

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really nobody from new zealand ??

please join these groups

if you're on Twitter, I know the hashtag #OzDOC is used for chatting regarding diabetes in Australia, you could probably get some info from them.

I have been to Australia. I think it would be similar. You can get the pharmacy to call the USA and get the script filled. Your doctor should also give you a hand written one. They will likely accept that. Depending on your insurance they might even bill that. They call the insurance directly and ask for an insurance claim number then you pay whatever co pay you need to, Humalog was $180 AU when I was there. I only paid $25AU. They just accepted my written prescription.

There are cold packs that you can bring on backpacking trips. Really you do not need refrigeration for 2 weeks and it will be fine. If it is going to be very hot, you can bring some chemical cold packs that only get cold when you activate them.

I used them when backpacking in Vermont several years ago, It was about 90 but the insulin was find deep in my pack next to a cold pack.

If you are hiking in average temps I think you wont need to worry at all.Just carry an extra bottle of insulin and WATCH OUT FOR CROCS !!

I don't think they have crocs in New Zealand!