Type 1 University

Gary Scheiner wrote the book Think Like A Pancreas. Now he is giving online classes to diabetics who use insulin. He calls it the “Type 1 University”. Take a look:


Gary Scheiner is a Facebook friend, and I asked him some questions. Here is his reply:

Gary ScheinerJanuary 11, 2011 at 2:39pm
Re: Questions About T1U

"Thanks Richard.

To answer your questions, yes and yes. T1U is for anyone who uses insulin, whether they be type-1 or type-2. The topics and content are geared to insulin users regardless of the etiology.

For insulin-resistant type 1s, our weight loss for insulin users course is ideal. We discuss insulin resistance at length in that program."

I signed up w/ with his company integrated diabetes services for a 3-month consult–highly recommended for anyone who wants an expert to help verify their pump settings or CGM data or control issues.

He did what my endo didn’t have the time to do, plus he has type 1 and a lot of experience w/ athletes.

Yep, Gary is a real PRO!

I taught Gary everything he knows. LLLLLOOOOOLLLL!!!

Suuuuure Richard! :wink:

I imagine you can ask all the questions you want on the site when you click the link. If not you can give me your questions and I will contact Gary on Facebook. He is a Facebook friend of mine.