Type 1?

Hi guys,

I have been losing weight for over an year now. It’s like 1kg every month. In between I also had a baby and had Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy. My GTT (75g) result during pregnancy was (4.4, 10.3, 9.4). However, I had another GTT (75g) 3 months after pregnancy and now results are (4.4, 13.2,10.7 on my own meter)

I didn’t get an appointment with an Endo yet. I’m still losing weight n now my bmi is around 18.

Do these numbers show that I have already developed diabetes? And is it type 1 ? How bad are my numbers.

During pregnancy I also used to have high ketones in urine.

I’m not a doctor and can’t diagnose you, but those sure sound like diabetic numbers to me. Make an appointment with a doctor. Without antibody testing, it is impossible to know whether it is type 1 or 2. Good luck and please post back what you find out. And, of course, feel free to ask any additional questions.

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None of us can diagnose you. Please make an appointment with your doctor!

Hey Sarah – really sorry you are going through this :frowning:

Clearly, you need to see a doctor to discuss your test results.

GTT is typically used to diagnose gestational and type 2 diabetes. Your fasting number is normal. Your 2-hour number is quite high, and could indicate diabetes. So you need to make an appointment quickly. Only your doctor can figure this out – but it is important for you to see one quickly.

Wishing you the best - Michel

Hi I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy at age 37 with my twins. I thought the diabetes went away after I had the twins, but it did not. I did not find out until I went to work when twins were two and a half. The State of Montana required a blood test prior to providing life insurance! It came back “borderline” with a 102 fasting. Fortunately I went back to work for the feds a year later and got my full life insurance and health insurance back even though I had diabetes.

I wish I would have gone to the doctor when the twins were a few months old and had a diabetes blood test. I hope you are able to get your A1C test soon and see an endocrinologist. Best wishes!

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Agree with everyone here. Those numbers are a red flag, but any amount of discussion here is only guesswork. You need professional attention.

Gestational diabetes is highly correlated with a later diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. At the same time, pregnancy can be the added stress to push someone into a full-blown manifestation of Type 1 diabetes. So see a doctor and if diagnosed with diabetes, insist on a full panel of tests to help determine your “type.”

because the normal FBG doesn’t suggest T2 and raised bg after glucose does indicate diabetes of some sort. I would advise an speedy diagnosis, which sounds like it will be T1/LADA, given the accompanying weight loss. A non-diagnosed T1 can end up being life threatening with DKA.

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There is no known correlation between gestational and LADA that I am aware of – certainly, it is not a well-known fact. So the odds are it would be T2 – but I know several people who turned out to be diagnosed LADA after GD.

The only way to know for sure, really, will be for your doctor to order a c-peptide test accompanied with a full antibody panel:

I hope your doctor does order a full antibody panel, since a non-inconsiderable percentage of LADAs get misdiagnosed as T2s (particularly after gestational diabetes since it is a known risk), which costs them several years of poorly adjusted BG before they are finally recognized as LADA. The misdiagnosed PWDs (people with diabetes) I know are, rightfully so, bitter about their misdiagnosis.

Good luck, Sarah! :heart:

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Hi Sarah: About 10% of women with GDM will have the autoimmune markers for Type 1 diabetes; pregnancy is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and pushes a woman over into overt Type 1 diabetes. Low BMI and unexplained weight loss might indicate Type 1. I would suggest that you make an appointment with an endocrinologist, and get the full suite of autoantibody tests (GAD, ICA, IA-2, IAA, and ZnT8). Here is a good article from Diabetes Forecast on autoantibody testing. Finally, here is a blog that I wrote about autoimmune gestational diabetes that you may find useful. Best of luck to you, and please see a doctor ASAP!