Type 1s Cost of Pumping Vs. Injections

For those of you long-time Type 1s who have pumped for awhile and gone back to injections. Is there a major difference in cost?? I know there must be a difference, but just wondered who significant it is/was when you figure in the different insulins you must use (long acting and fast acting) and how much of it you must use each day. And of course, I do know it involves for many constant calibrations of changing when and how much you have to take and your needs. Then of course the cost of pens and syringes, etc. Trying to figure this is my decision to change or not. I will continue to stay with my Dexcom CGM because that is something I cannot function without now since I am unable to drive and function.

Pens cost about the same as equivalent quantity of vial insulin. So the insulin costs are a wash.

You save the cost of the pumping gear. This amounts to thousands a year in total cost. Of course, insurance co-pays total much less, if you have insurance to cover the bulk of these expenses.