Type 2 and Mastering Diabetes

I’ve only been able to manage type 2 diabetes by limiting carbohydrates, even complex carbs. Mastering Diabetes is a low fat plant based diet plan. Some type 1s do well on MD.

Do any of the Type 2s here use or used Mastering Diabetes, and the results?

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Many Type 2’s with severe insulin resistance are using the Mastering Diabetes plan. Some are able to stop using insulin and or metformin. It might take several weeks to make the change, but for them it is life altering.

Louis you might like to look at the MD website, watch some of the MD YouTube videos, or invest in their very well written book which can be purchased from Amazon. Also more in-depth classes are offered for folks who would like in-depth training.

I started with Mastering Diabetes after 11 years on the Bernstein diet. I took the classes which had a mix of Type 1’s and Type 2 participants. If the desire is there, insulin resistance can be overcome.



I’m type 1, but even type 1 have some level of insulin resistance. It’s normal in everyone to have some. Reducing it by restricting fat works for me, of course exercise too.
I also discovered thst losing weight causes insulin resistance. Something that made no sense to me. But when I fast, I will need much more insulin to metabolize carbs while I’m in ketosis, and it snaps right back after that first meal.
Over all my insulin requirements have dropped by 25%. And I eat more than double the carbs thst I used to eat, noting I’m talking about natural carbs, not processed carbs.
So my experience with MD and fasting opened up a whole new understanding of metabolism. It’s not what I learned in school and even my doctors right now are still telling me things are are just not true
Like that you should mix fat with carbs to slow down absorption of carbs. But the opposite is true, with the absence of fat the carbs get metabolized faster and with less insulin.

It is true that excess body weight increases insulin resistance because you have full fat cells and they don’t want more food.
When you are lean, your cells want the food and they need less insulin encouragement to open up.

I encourage you to buy the book MD because it really changed my understanding of metabolism.

And the question that you asked, yes type 2s have issues of insulin resistance and MD is focused on reducing insulin resistance

It’s not for everyone because you need to think about food differently and be willing to switch off of oil and animal sources of nutrition.

I’m 85% in. I don’t follow it really tightly, but I’m happy with it for the most part