Type 2 Diabetes: Where do you go to for diabetes information and community?

I like coming here for information and links. When I do search I end up going to the CDA Canadian Diabetes Association website www.diabetes.ca

Books and Internet, mostly. I’ve found that those sites that focus mainly on alternatives to mainstream medicine have given me the most benefit. I’m convinced that Dr. Joel Fuhrman has the best recipe for the type two diet plan. Recently, this was reinforced by Harvard School of Public Health’s findings in their food pyramid. HSPH Food Pyramid

I read Diabetes Forecast Diabetes Management Diabetic living BUT to me there is no better source than Tudiabetes and my friends here. We write to each other,we share advice and the Blogs and Forums are great. I said it before and I will said it again…I was on the road to Westview Cemetry when someone told me abut Tudiabetes…it saved my life and,now,I look forward t each day. I have a CAGS but my degree from Tudiabetes is the most important to me.
Reed,the Seagator

Since I am on MDI most of the type 2 info is diet and pills so it does not apply. I love to read Jan at Diabetesselfmanagement.com just because she is so entertaining. I have trouble exercising because both knees have been replace and a bad back. I enjoy this site for the interaction between members. Every day I google A1C and pick different topics that pop up.