Type 1 Diabetes: Where do you go to for diabetes information and community?

Besides TuDiabetes, where you go online for type 1 diabetes information, news and community?
Do you follow any type 1 diabetes bloggers or Twitter users that you find particularly helpful? What pages do you follow on Facebook?

I know it’s a broad question, but the idea is to expose people to more resources, so let’s share…

I use the Insulin Pumpers mailing list. The members are very helpful, any pumping question or general diabetes topic gets numerous responses. I heard about TuDiabetes from a post. You can read the mail threads on the site, or get a digest version one or more times per day depending on the volume of traffic, or receive individual emails. The site has tons of useful information about Type 1 & pumping.


I go there too and Juvenation.

Amy Tenderich is an award winning diabetes blogger and her blogsite “diabetesmine.com” is first rate.

Juvenation.org” is a very friendly site for type 1 diabetics exclusively. They are mostly young diabetics there, with and average age of 26. Gina Capone is head moderator there and I was pleased to see her posting there. I am a much older member but they made me feel welcome and I have many friends there.

For the parents of type 1 diabetic children and teen diabetics “childrenwithdiabetes.com” is the best. Jeff Hitchcock has created a wonderful site there.

Diabetesdaily.com” is a good site but I find it difficult to get a good discussion going on type 1 diabetes topics there. You can use the Search option there and find much good information.

For great discussions on type 1, with much participation from experienced and intelligent members, “Tudiabetes” is my favorite. Thanks Manny!!

I come here, the last one I was on was boring…I like it here, lots of very wonderful people, helpful and knowledge is great too:)

Insulin Pump Forums - got started here with pump and good advice with Medtronic CGMS, Diabetes Daily occassionally, TUDiabetes most of the time now.

Another one for Juvenation

Hey Bec…thanks for the mention here! I appreciate your support.

I have my own blog called Juvenile Diabetes.

It’s been really interesting to get other people’s comments and feedback on there, as well as it being a sort of diary for how I’m progressing.

I would also be curious to know the extent people use online resources and other resources from other diabetics versus “traditional” resources like the ADA, their doctor, etc.

Lora, I havew been a diabetic for 65 years, and I did not start researching and participating online until 2006. In the past 4 years I have learned more online than from all the doctors and sources like the ADA. The people who are actually living with diabetes, especially the very experienced one, are invaluable sources of information.