Where do you go on the web to get info on diabetes?


i go here, jenny ruhl’s website and facebook page, diabetes daily, and fudiabetes. i like to go to a variety of different sources, but the only downside is that if i find something that really works for me or is something troubling i’ve found out related to my health and diabetes, i’m too lazy to post it at every site i visit.


anyone have any other suggestions? any facebook groups? i almost forgot the great dr. richard k bernstein has diabetes university on youtube! has anyone here viewed it?


Jenny Ruhl’s website, Bloodsugar101 was key to my getting control when I was first diagnosed. That’s where I first learned “eat to your meter”. I’m eternally grateful to the site for teaching me this simple concept


jenny ruhl has solid gold integrity!


One of the sites I visit regularly is diaTribe.org. They cover tips and tricks for daily living with diabetes along with a nice summary of the many different diabetes professional meetings and conferences around the world. Part of their beat covers what’s new in upcoming diabetes treatment regimens including diabetes technology.

They regularly update their online newsletter with current info.


I do not know who Jenny Ruhl is but will certainly take a look as it is mentioned a lot today.
I used to read a lot from diabetic living and I must confess, reddit. I find many interesting diabetes tech related things there.

Facebook is also something I really enjoy. Beyond Type 1’s stories and Stephen Ponder´s Sugar Surfing facebook page.


I joined FUdiabetes recently after looking there for an ex tudiabetes member. there are posters there who I have not seen here, although there may be some overlap. I like that they are 100% member-run. Also lots of expertise there as well.


There are a few good places around to learn and interact with others. Here is a good starting point developed with other organizations and highlighting the most reliable sources:


Me too! I’ve been participating for years now in many communities and webpages. Specially facebook pages nowadays as mobile technologies make it simpler to log and participate. Yes, many members overlap in different communities. But same thing happens when reading different books on the same subject. You´ll learn more and read different perspectives.


i think if we learn something important from another site, even if it’s not come up naturally here, we should definitely post about it at tudiabetes with the right tags and in the right forum section so that the collective knowledge/experience can more widely be shared. for example, i posted over at FUdiabetes, but i would also like to mention here, that i had what seemed like a ministroke after upping my intake of aleve to deal with hotflashes. since then i’ve found that aleve has been associated with an increased incidence of stroke. this is something important that i believe should be shared across sites. https://forum.fudiabetes.org/t/for-diabetics-8-heart-tests-that-can-save-your-life/390/9


Lots of good suggestions here. I also get recipes and advice from two FB groups—both low-carb…


I 100% agree! We are all in this together. https://forum.fudiabetes.org/ as well as https://diatribe.org/ are great sites. We should definitely share information among all communities. Thanks for the great post @v_prediabetic!


I may be old school but I do like the format and interchange of the forums better than the Facebook pages. I also do agree that the different forums have different information so they all are useful.


Another site I visit every day is Diabetes Mine. They cover a wide variety of diabetes topics with a nice depth of info. Today’s coverage by Mile Hoskins explores the emerging tech of blood glucose data displayed on the dashboard of your car.

57 AM

The NighScout display depicts the blood glucose status of one child and one parent on the family’s Tesla car dash monitor.


OMG - that is awesome !!!

My car might be about 20 years behind the times but if I ever upgrade… lol


Diabettech is a UK blog written by Tim Street. Here’s Tim’s description about what he writes about:

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic of more than 27 years. I’ve spent my life travelling, playing cricket, taking photos, and doing loads of things. I’m a technophile and think like an engineer, even if I don’t do a job like that anymore. In this blog, I pull together both the Diabetes and the Technology to try and determine what is really the “art of the possible”.

This is a good resource about what’s going on in the diabetes tech world.


Is this specific to Tesla? I feel like I saw this kind of capability at one point. I’ve been yearning for my Car Play to be able to do something similar!


I don’t know a lot about the particulars of this technology but I think the ability to display NightScout (and other sources) data is not limited to the Tesla.

In the Diabetes Mine column, Mike Hoskins raises the issue of driver distraction. I think “glanceable” displays don’t necessarily distract but it’s a good issue to discuss.


We smoke meat at work periodically for lunch, I’m the pitmaster. One of the ladies said she would make me a low carb desert if I gave her a recipe. I decided to search TuD for a cheese cake recipe. The first one that came up was this one from @Judith_in_Portland . I printed it out and gave it to my coworker. It was a big hit to say the least, several folks wanted the recipe, a sure sign they loved it! Thanks Judith :yum:

So if you’re looking for a recipe look no further than Tud, you might find a gem like this one!!!


I bought an android display for my car and can see nightscout as well. Didn´t have to buy a Tesla lol…