Type 2 Diabetes?


If you’ve taken a peek at my blog you’ll know that my daughter has type 1 diabetes.

My father-in-law has type 2. I know I’ll have to help my husband deal with type 2 eventually but I figure the more I learn now, the easier the transition later on. But my real motivation to learn more about type 2 is that, as a librarian, I’ve been asked by a few other librarians about type 2 diabetes. I do the responsible thing and tell them to talk to their doctors and give them Brenna’s story and ask them for their own. One person was sent home with a vial of NPH & told to inject himself at a couple of times a day with a fixed number of units and didn’t know anything about carb counting? My father-in-law was switched from Lantus one time a day to Novolog with breakfast & dinner. He’s complaining about severe lows where he can almost not get to a sugar source in time. No glucagon was prescribed. Again no carb counting expalained even though it’s supposed to be with meals.

I don’t understand. Is there a different standard of care for type 2 patients? There are a couple of other people I’ve heard about and the things their doctors are doing just sound crazy to me. I know that the pancreas still works so they don’t have to be quite as hypervigilant as a parent of a 2 year old type one . . .but still . . . shouldn’t they be offered the chanse to speak to an endocrinologist?