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I read that, too, but I don't think anyone yet understands type 2. Seems to be a liver thing as well, considering how it likes to dump sugar at a time you just ate some and shouldn't need more. Mine is a little crazy these days. I get 150 mg/dl on 30g carb meal and then drop to 53mg/dl when I exercised it off. Keeping it under 25-30g for now.

YES...type 2 is very complex..the research seems to focus primarily on overweight and obese type 2, and we well know that weight is not an issue with many type 2.
Here is the abstract from the paper...
Is type 2 diabetes a chronic inflammatory/autoimmune disease?
Syed MA, Barinas-Mitchell E, Pietropaolo SL, Zhang YJ, Henderson TS, Kelley DE, Korytkowski MT, Donahue RP, Tracy RP, Trucco M, Kuller LH, Pietropaolo M.
The classification of diabetes mellitus into 2 main types, defined as Type 1 and 2 diabetes (T1DM, T2DM) relies mostly on the requirement of insulin therapy and on the presence of detectable immunologic abnormalities. However, this distinction is far from straightforward and there is considerable overlap between these 2 types of diabetes. Islet cell autoimmunity, which is characteristic of T1DM, appears in fact to be present in up to 10-15% of subjects diagnosed clinically with T2DM. In the UK Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS), it was reported that in patients diagnosed with in T2DM, the presence of autoantibodies to the enzyme glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) and cytoplasmic islet cell antibodies (ICA) were a predictor of insulin requirement as compared with patients not carrying these autoantibodies. These results are strikingly similar to a number of prospective studies carried out in childhood diabetes. If islet cell autoimmunity is truly present in 10-15% of subjects clinically diagnosed with T2DM, up to two million Americans might have an unidentified autoimmune form of T2DM, a prevalence similar to that of recent onset childhood diabetes. In addition, we found that in a subset of T2DM patients, a pronounced activation of the acute phase response that seems to be associated with islet cell autoimmunity. These results may in part explain the defect in insulin secretion as well as insulin resistance seen in T2DM. The identification of a subgroup of individuals at risk of developing T2DM using autoantibody as well as inflammatory markers is of public health interest, not only for the correct classification of diabetes, but also because immunomodulatory therapeutic strategies could potentially be instituted sufficiently early in a large number of patients diagnosed as having T2DM and most likely delay the onset of insulin requirement and the complications related with hyperglycemia.

Many of us as type 2 diabetics, have components of the condition similar to that of those with type 1. ie, the swings in bg....the extreme lows, that are atypical to the "classic" definition of type 2.

I've long believed that the etiology of T2 is nowhere near as well understood as it is for T1. It may well be that there are different variants of T2 that stem from different causes, and any one individual may be suffering from any one of them or a combination.

As Linda and others have pointed out, many T2s exhibit, in greater or lesser degree, behaviors that are classically associated with T1.

The simple fact, it seems to me, is that an awful lot of what we think we "know" about T2 is still just theory. More investigation is definitely needed; we're nowhere near the real and complete truth, yet.

Of course I want this mystery solved, as do we all. But whatever label is placed on my condition, and whatever the explanation for it, the bottom line for me is that I must do whatever it takes to normalize my BG. At the end of my day, that's all I have control over and all that counts.

I really don't know what the paper is trying to say, since the presence of islet cell antibodies makes the diabetes, by definition Type 1. A person can also have inflammation, metabolic syndrome, be obese, and older and it's still T1.

The more interesting case is the development of antibodies in the adipose tissue of obese people. Here is a link that talks about it in good depth.


If you google Type+2+diabetes+autoimmunity, there are other articles you might find interesting. since T2 is defined as obese and insulin resistant, these articles focus on those people.

Of course, the focus on islet cell antibodies in T1 and obesity and insulin resistance in T2, it leaves out adults who present in DKA or develop insulin dependence more slowly, but are NOT antibody positive, as well as thin T2's. So there are at least some people with diabetes who fly under the radar, and don't fit into the boxes, and academically speaking, don't exist. I would really be interested in seeing more information about them!

I concur with you comment Natalie...in particular the need for focus on the "less popular" type 2!
I would love that there be a research focus in that area....but not holding my breath.

Question for everybody!!!

I recently discovered that tudiabetes has a developmental manager for Type 2. This person is Corinna Cornejo.

Does anybody know this person. Does anybody what she has done in her position for Type 2 folks on this site?

Has discussed a platform or initiative for her role?

Just curious...I find it funny people are named to positions and they are figure heads than people of action.

Is there anything that us as TYPE 2 diabetics want to see from her?

Perhaps we should all take the time and write the researchers about this paper/abstract and have them explain their thesis. Where is the paper located on the web. I would like to read it.

If you look up as Natalie has directed...the papers are explained. Google Type 2 diabetes autoimmune!!

Why are there any Head of communities, Type 2 or Head of Experience Type 2 but only a "development manager type2"????


The parenethic designation is the type of diabetes that person has. Why it's in parentheses. Manny (LADA), Emily (T1), etc. Theirs are administrative roles with DHF. Nothing to get upset about.

Gerri, who is getting upset. I merely asked a question as to why there aren't any Type 2 adminstrative roles. This seems to be the norm to have lots of things for Type 1 and Type 2 is a second thought.

There aren't any T1 administrative roles, either. That was her point. The tuD organization structure makes no distinction. There are just administrative roles, period.

There is a lack of T2 content on this site, but that fact has nothing to do with the administration. We T2's don't post as many discussions here. Perhaps it's because most T2's are not on insulin and insulin use just generates more topics for discussion. TuD is an excellent resource for insulin users IMHO.

I just took a look at the Diabetes Daily Forum there are 6124 T1 threads and 10009 T2 threads. 24 viewing T1 threads and 62 viewing T2. Perhaps it's just a vicious cycle. T2's come here and find little content relevant to them and so tend to go elsewhere.

We have met the enemy and he is us, perhaps we all just need to post more often.

Keep in mind that Type 2 members are also likely to post in other groups relevant to their type of diabetes, besides this one, such as...
* Metformin 4 Us
* A1C Below 6.0 on Diet and Exercise ONLY
* Needle Diabetics (folks taking insulin with syringes or pens)
* Insulin Dependent Type 2
* Thin Type 2 Diabetics
* Diabetes Plus
This group is as relevant as you make it....Type 2 is far from an afterthought!
That said....it might be worth considering a group geared at Type 2 Teens!!!
Be well all....linda

Actually, those other sites you've mentioned don't say so much as this one does! I can't speak for all T2, of course, but you can guess when my sugar control is less than optimal from just the fact I post here then (stress relief?). When all's right with the world, I'm busy living my life and trying not to think about diabetes anymore than I have to.

There aren't any administrative roles for either type.

Your multiple ???? made it seem that you were upset. Sorry you feel T2 is treated as an after thought. Content is what members choose to post, as BadMoon pointed out.

Ok....I've started a new group....
Type 2 Teens!!! It's awaiting approval.

The groups I've mention below are possibilities for Type 2....along with many other groups. That said....the content and "meat" of the groups (as with THIS group) depends entirely on the members!!