Type 3 diabetes - Does it exist?

I came to think this new type is out there but getting treated as Type 2. My assumption is based on my own understanding of my diagnose last year. Here is my simple explanation. Your body makes enough insulin but some how your after meal numbers get really high and few hours later your number return to normal. Based on this explanation you would say that’s type 2 diabetes. so here it goes. Right after you start you meal your first phase of insulin kicks in and for this type when you measure 30 mins after meal, your number will be lower than your number before meal. So after 30 mins your digestion is in full speed and that’s where your second phase kicks in. Insulin pushes glucose in the cell and at the same time body is converting extra glucose as glycogon and stores it and keeps blood sugar under control. Some how this mechanism to store extra glucose as glycogon is not working or malfunctioning for this type and blood sugar stays elevated till absorb by the cells. Person with this type will be lean. As for other blood test GAD negative,Blood insulin at the upper or normal end of range and normal c peptide level. for this type basel insulin will make your sugar jump higher and only way to cover it is with food. Meal times insulin will help in controlling after meal blood sugar.For type 2 there is no or little phase 1 insulin and 30 mins after meal number are higher and your phase 2 insulin does most of the work with medicine… So far medical community has come up with 2 alternative path one is metformin that stops liver from dumping glucose and second is insulin or drugs that stimulates in producing more insulin. But no medication to convert glucose to glycogon. Am i thinking on the correct path and is any one out there who has same condition?

Type 3 is commonly what Friends and Family are called. As diabetes affects them as they care for us. It is a lovingly given term.

There are 4 types of Diabetes:
Type 1 - Autoimmune Diabetes
Type 2 - Insulin Resistant Diabetes
Gestational - Related to Pregnancy
Other - you should look into the other type list here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/bookres.fcgi/diabetes/pdf_ch4.pdf