Type 3?

My mom told me today that she is scared I may be getting type 3 diabetes. I’m already type 1. I am also overweight and hardly ever exercise. Some of the meds I take cause me to have horrible cravings. My circulation is bad and my blood sugars have been high… like in the 200’s and sometimes 300’s. I thought high blood sugars could make you lose weight, but not when I eat like this. Can somebody tell me more about type 3 diabetes?

I think what you’re referring to is Double Diabetes… Not really “Type 3” Diabetes…

A person with Type 1 Diabetes may develop insulin resistance, and basically struggle similarly as a Type 2 would… If you have a history of Type 2 anywhere in your family, it might be a cause for concern… If you do develop it, all they do is give you some Metmorfin to help you out.

Also, consider cutting back on your carbs, to curb how much insulin you need to inject. Too many carbs make you careen all the time, between horrible highs, and lows… for extended periods of time, even on days when you’re not really eating much trying to combat it. :confused: It’s bad.

Also, when you are eating like crap and your blood sugars are not well controlled it makes you feel sluggish and tired and exercise is MUCH harder. So trying to cut back on carbs a bit will not only mean you take less insulin and swing less, but also have more energy so you may exercise more (which in turn would make your insulin needs drop, etc.).

Having said that, I’m sort of in the same spot you are. I’ve gained weight and my insulin needs have gone way up and although I’m not actually insulin resistant, I can definitely see the relationship between more weight = need for more insulin = more weight, and the vicious cycle that creates. I’m trying to eat smarter and exercise more to start losing weight very slowly (which is all I can do, but as long as it’s going down and not up, I’ll be happy).

There’s no such thing. Sometimes people who are the support network for diabetics are called Type 3. Your mom is full of it.

High glucose will make you lose weight because your body is burning fat to keep the engine going. How often are your sugars over 200 or 300? Have you learned the technique for correcting highs?

Start walking. Best exercise you can do. Exercise can help increase your insulin sensitivity. You don’t have to do 4 miles the first day. Start with 10 minutes. Five minutes out and 5 minutes back. Go a little further each time. I guarantee you that you will feel like you’ve accomplished something good for you. The next time you do it, you’ve accomplished that much more. It is going to feel really good.

What meds are you taking that cause cravings?

Can tell you from personal experience that more carbs you eat, the more you’ll crave. More carbs=more insulin=weight gain=more insulin. It’s a vicious cycle.

Your health is in your hands. 200’s & 300’s are extremely damaging.

I hate exercising. I’m not a gym type person & the only way I’m going to run is if someone is chasing me with a gun. So, I don’t call it exercising, but stay active. I walk a lot & hike. I use weights when watching TV because increasing muscle mass helps us tremendously. I crank up the volume & dance when no one’s home. I only do the exercise things I like so it’s not drudgery.