Type1 first pregnancy - sugar highs.terrified!

Hi all,
After trying 7 months (and convinced there was an issue) my partner and I found out we had been blessed with the miracle of pregnancy. High sugars were a giveaway as I am well controlled. My hba1c before ttc was 51. It has come down to 50. Doctors have moaned as they want it lower but I’m uncomfortable being in the low 5’s/4 range as I have low symptoms. Anyway overall they are happy with my control. However, I had bad lows as they changed my insulin and wanted me to be 7.0mmol 1 hour after breakfast. I always spike after breakfast I havetried porridge, brown toast, weetabix, all sorts it’s all the same. But by getting me at 6.0mmol after1 hour I drop after 2. I have had a couple of high sugars too. Constantly monitoring and calling my docs to discuss amendments I’m doing everything I can. I have my 12 week scan in 10 days and I am terrified that the high blood sugars will have caused damage. Does anyone have similar stories with a happy ending? I’m just so scared :frowning:

It sounds like you are doing fine. Why are your dr.s stressing you out about minor bg spikes? If your stomach can handle it I personally would try a lower carb breakfast to reduce the morning spike.

There are plenty of diabetics who have had perfectly healthy babies back before more modern methods of control came about and short duration spikes are unlikely to affect your baby. Do you have a cgm? That would make it much easier to catch lows before they get serious and give you some peace of mind.

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It’s because they want me to be lower 1 hour after but I wrote readings over a week and proved to be in the range I end up dropping.they make you feel awful. I have asked for a dexcom but they won’t do it. I’m asking again on Monday because the lows are giving me highs afterwards. I need to know which direction my bkoods are going.I am always checking so if I do go high I correct straight away.im trying so hard just so scared for the 12 week scan now.

Is the issue with getting a cgm because of insurance or do they just not want you to have one? If it’s an insurance issue then you may want to self fund for a while.

I don’t know. They said before they will look at getting me one they just want to see how I go first. I’m requesting one at my next appointment

I would definitely push to get one. It will make your life so much easier :blush: