5 weeks 6 days preggo, high BG everyday! so worried!

So i just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago, I’m almost 6 weeks. Quick back history I’m 28 and type 1 since i was 7. I haven’t been able to have my pump for about 2 months due to an insurance changed and since then my blood sugar’s have been way out of control with extreme highs. I’m not sure what my A1C is but do have an appointment with a new endocrinologist next week (I had this appointment before finding out I was pregnant in the first place). Prior to my a1c was high at about 9 after having been in the low 7s (i was at a point i wasnt taking good care of myself but i had been working on fixing it). Otherwise I’m in general good health. I workout, not overweight, now don’t eat very many carbs and eat very healthy, and no complications from my diabetes.
I do wear a Dexcom CGM now and have been for about 2 weeks since I had been starting a Keto low carb / high-fat diet and wanted to make sure my sugars were in check with that. I suffer from hypo/hyperglycemia unawareness in that i can’t ever feel when I’m high or low until its in the extreme numbers.
My concern is these pass 2 days since finding out I was pregnant my blood sugar’s have been so high and I’m worried it is causing harm to my baby. Without a pump i cant keep my sugars under control. Has anyone had experiences with super high blood sugars every day during early pregnancy and still ended up with a healthy baby? I go for my preggo confirmation appointment on Monday at which time I’ll probably be switched to a specialist high risk OBGYN. I also just found a distributor that accepts my new insurance that I’m finally going to order new pods from tomorrow.
Have I already caused too much damage to my baby though? If i get myself in check soon will my baby end up being being okay?

Hey there!!! I got pregnant at 28 too, I am now 38 and my son is a healthy lovely boy. (of course, I had to mention he is lovely) Ive had type 1 diabetes since the age of 6 so I totally understand your point and concern. The first trimester of pregnancy is usually full of hormones which work in the exact opposite way than our insulin. Too high numbers can definitely cause some harm, in my case I had to work extra hours on my basal insulin requirements. No CGM at that time… :frowning: You are perfectly on time to make some adjustments, I am sure you’ll be fine :wink:

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I had to increase both my basal and bolus insulin on early pregnancy. Hope you get your dosing figured out very soon!