U200 Humalog and OmniLoop?

I’m getting abut 1 to 1.5 days out of my omnipod using Omnilooping. I have some U200 pens and was wondering what I would change if I wanted to use them to get to the 3 days use and use less pods?

All your pump settings would change because the same volume of insulin would be twice as potent.

@BradP I just read a post from @Marie20, she uses U200 in the OmniPod. Perhaps she can be of some help to you? I don’t think she is looping, but she does use the OmniPod.

Yes, I use the Humalog U 200 in my Omnipod. At first it was thought I would have to change my pod every 2 days so my endo prescribed me the Humalog U 200 to use in it. I liked it so even though I didn’t end up needing it I stayed with it.

The settings when you first set it up can be confusing. My endo and her NP were both type 1’s and prescribed it all the time for a lot of their Omnipod users. You can do the reprogramming yourself but just make sure you switch everything, I was happy to have their help with the programming when I first changed to it.

You have to half some items but double others. You have to remember the insulin dose in the pen is by unit, but by volume it is half the liquid because it is double potency.

If you are going to stay on it I’d say it was worth it, but if it’s just to use up a few pens I’m not so sure. Plus it can be confusing to someone not used to it.

It has also been discussed some on this thread.

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FWIW - We have a 13yo that we just started on u200 yesterday - we use Loop and are on omnipod. This was precipitated by an increasingly high number of pump site failures (insulin leaking out alongside the cannula that was still well placed) that we feel were strongly related to the volume of insulin needed for my ever hungry teenager. DS was around 80u per day and our pump failures were starting to mean that we were not even making 24hours before we had to replace. I’m strongly hopeful that it works!

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@Jennifer_Lindquist I use Humalog U 200 and love it. I also use Omnipod and love it. Some people don’t do well with the cannula of the Omnipod and have to switch to a tubed pump and steel sets. Just keep it in mind if you continue to have issues.

Also the U 200 can be a little confusing for some, hopefully you got the programming down okay because you have to change all the settings. It’s easy once it’s set right!
Ordering goes by insulin units used not volume and can cause some confusion too.

Yes, settings are all changed. We understood how to do it and had calculated it, but our clinic also sent us the calculations as well - so it was a good double check. I think the biggest remaining items are manual corrections (currently requiring both DS and adults to have a double check before delivery to ensure proper math) and keeping in mind that IOB will now be half of what it used to be but will still have the same ‘amount’ of insulin power - important when looking to see what’s up, why and what one should do!

Thanks for the note - It is good to hear that others are using it and I do have my fingers crossed that it is the solution as we’d prefer not to return to medtronic as the un-tubed reality is easier for the sports my son does. One day at a time though, and we’ve done medtronic in the past, so can return if needed. Cheers!