U-200 or U-500 in an OM5?

I have to change my OM5 pods every 28-36 hours. I know it’s off label, but has anyone heard of anyone using a U-200 or U-500 insulin in it? If so, who makes what? My insurance covers Novo products not Lilly products.

I’m guessing I’d have to reset the controler/PDM and have it re-learn me with adjusted ratios etc. to take into account the increasted strength of the insulin?

Obviously I’d have to have my endos buy in and script. GOing 8/2 so just trying to arm myself with as much ammo as I can for that visit.

When I was looping, I was bolusing with a FIASP pen and using the loop for basal only and it worked great. Just never told loop about any carbs. The only problem is that sometimes I’d guess wrong fiasp unit wise and would land hard on a low. OM5 lands soft on lows but isn’t as agressive.

I use Humalog U-200 in my Eros Omnipod. At first it was thought that I needed the higher concentration to always get the full 3 days of use . My endo commonly prescribed it for Omnipods. In my case switching to a pump ended up cutting down my insulin use so I didn’t have to worry about it. But I liked the Humalog U-200 so I just stayed with it.

I have been having more issues with my pods lately. But I have used Humalog U-200 from day 1 and it worked fine for years. So I don’t think the problem is the Humalog in it.

It only comes in pens, so you do have to use the syringe to remove it from a pen. That’s easy. My doctors have always managed to get it approved by saying it’s needed because of usage. .

But yes, you have to change the programming. You have to double some numbers and half others. It’s not that bad, but can be confusing at first. I use some other insulins for shots when I have a pod failure and I am using Afrezza now, So it calls for calculating different dosing on those.

Everyone I’ve ever talked to doesn’t like U-500. It supposedly takes a lot longer to work.