Uband for glucose readings

I few weeks back I saw an article in local newspaper about a Uband for glucose readings, a non invasive way to get BG. The company website is knowlabs.co There is a two year wait for FDA approval. Patents are pending. Looks like the company is trying to get help for their start up. (Where’s Shark Tank?)

I don’t follow the technology for new non invasive ways to get a BG reading. I would think there would be multiple companies out there trying to do the same thing. Has anyone heard of other companies that are closer to releasing a product?

I don’t know about specific products, but my general thoughts are that at best, it would approximate BG reading.

Since I determine insulin dosing from BG reading, and direct blood measurement can give different results, I don’t think the non-invasive device would be accurate enough. But may be good for trending, similar to some CGMS systems.

I agree. Something that my doctors & pump/CGM trainers often stress is that BG is not the same as what you get from CGM, because they use different technologies. The number from the CGM is based on the fluid around the blood (or something like that), so there is a delay in it getting the same number as the BG. And because it is the BG that we need to control, not to mention the BG meters are still more accurate and reliable, we cannot get rid of them yet. But even if we do never get rid of our BG meters, being able to use a non-invasive replacement for my CGM would definitely be nice, although it would obviously be using a third technology since it won’t have access to our blood or fluid around our blood.

Yes–usually referred to as “interstitial fluid,” just FYI.

Thank you both! Make since!

Not sure how many of you are still following this project. Latest update was last month:

Reminds me of the disastrous wristwatch that came out years ago. I forget which company brought it to market, it came and went in the blink of an eye, the only thing that remained was a smoking pile of ashes. If my memory is correct, it cost $5 a day to use after the huge price to buy it.


Was that it? @Dave44 do you remember who made it? I seem to remember that the employees were forbidden to even discuss that thing after it went up in flames.

Google says Cygnus

That name doesn’t ring any of my bells. I’m having flashbacks of the 20/20 news special they did on that thing before it came out.

I tried.

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You knew the name at least. It used the same tech that was linked in the article above.