BG testing bracelet idea

Saw a concept bracelet on pinterest that shows your bg level digitally 24/7. Not sure how. But it gave me an idea. A bracelet with a built in lancet on the top that you just press a button and pop. A little stick. 3 seconds later you get a digital read out of your bg! What do you all think? Am I ready for shark tank? Lol.
Just a thought…thought I’d share.

A company (later bought by Animas) used to manufacture and sell a non-invasive (i.e. no lancet) watch like device called "Glucowatch" in 2001-2007(google it if you're curious). Unfortunately the company was not successful and stopped selling the product. I love the idea and wish it had lasted long enough to be improved.

I hope you would change the spot to lance - otherwise your wrist would get awfully sore from poking the same spot over and over.

I am looking forward to the noninvasive gadget that one sticks on their finger or ear lobe for a short time and gets a bg reading that way. I think it's being trialed in Israel or Europe right now... there was a live video chat from a couple of months ago