Help! Ketones!

I woke up at 300 and since I am née to this pumping thing and trying to follow all the rules I was given I checked for ketones which I wouldn’t have normally done. To my suprise I had high moderate ketone and my sugar is being really stubborn and has not budged. I am flipping out which probabaly is not helping. When should I worry enough to got to ER? I changed my site ( it was time today anyway) and I am relativly sure I am getting insulin.

Haha that was supposed to be new not née

I don’t pump but when I was over 400 I was told to keep drinking a lot of water because you get close to DKA when you are dehydrated. Good luck!

we don’t pump yet, either. But, my son’s dr. says if it’s trace to small to drink LOTS of water and if it’s moderate to large to call her. We have her # at home which makes it easier. Recently he was at moderate and we called her. She walked us through and had us keep testing blood and urine drinking tons of water and we didnt’ end up needing to go to the hospital. She had us give a very small amount of insulin to help bring it down. I’d def. try to get a hold of your dr. Sometimes you can call the ER and ask to talk to a nurse and see if they can help.

Hi Emily,

One thing you might consider is to take an insulin injection to correct your high. That way if anything funky is happening with the pump or infusion set, you will still be able to bring your bg down. Just be careful if you’re already taken a correction bolus, since that can cause insulin stacking and a nasty low if you take too much.

Kathleen and Emily are right, you should be drinking LOTS of water, and I would say you should contact a medical professional to get advice if it gets any worse or doesn’t go away soon.


Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your replies. I drank about a gallon of water …lol…and I just kept corrected per my bolus wizard. Then I took a nap and stopped freaking out. When I woke up I was finally down to 127 and my ketone were finally down to trace. I can’t believe water works so well to just flush them out. I have never had this much trouble w/ ketones and highs until I got the pump. I just started it 2 wks ago today. I really hope they get this worked out soon or it is about to find a new home in the box it came in:-)

hey :slight_smile:
i would say
if ketones are small,keep hydrated,take a little insulin,check sfter 2 hours,
>>ketone down,blood sugar not>>good,keep on>>check after 2 hours>>bg not down>>higher the dose of insulin>>two hours and not better>>ER

>>ketones not down>>higher insulin & keep hydrated>>check after 2 hours>>ketones down bg not
>>see above
>>ketones not down>>ER
hope it helps,that’s my own opinion,you should seek your doctor’s

Emily, it is hard at first to stabilize on the pump because your body is getting use to it. it took about 4 weeks or so for me to get the hang of everything and get my sugars under control, but it will get better :slight_smile:

So glad BGs and ketones were reduced. It is very stressful. Everyone gave you excellent advice. I would just add that if none of the above worked or once it gets to the point that the nausea is so bad that you can not drink enough water or you are vomiting, then it is time to go to the emergency department for help. They can give the fluids intraveneously. As long as you are able to monitor BGs, take insulin and drink water, then you are probably okay at home. It does take a few weeks to get regulated on the pump but then it should be better than injections for you.

When I have a surprising high, I take an injection. Especially on the day when I change the infusion set. It’s possible that there is a problem with absorption with the new infusion set.

Another possibility, did you remember to fill the cannula on the infusion set, if you forget this you can be without insulin for 1-2 hours while it fills.

I usually give more insulin that they say to for filling the cannula because I find that i am always high after infusion set changes. I give 1.2 units for the 6mm cannula on the Quickset, although the manual says only 0.5 is needed. For some reason, I need more.

I was told that whenever my son has ketones, we correct with a syringe. I have a ketone scale that is different from his reg. correction. I am not sure why, but I never correct with the pump, only with a syringe. Good Luck

You should have called your doctor immediately - under the circumstances. Also, when you have a high BG that might be attributable, the rule is to correct your blood sugar with an INJECTION of insulin, and then change the infusion site.

I have pumped for ten years and, with ketones, I always change the setting, check the clarity/date of the bottle of insulin, drink tons of water, and take an injection. It’s important to add extra insulin and chase it with food if you have any lows. Particularly stubborn ketones require so much extra insulin sometimes.

I agree with all. Lots of water, lots of testing, insulin with an injection when necessary… I find that water and a shot are a “quick fix” for problems with highs… and blood sugar issues with new pump use are par for the course… It WILL get better with experience.

God Bless,


I am type 2 but I just went through what you did a few hours ago. I ate chinese but I did bolus for it. I checked for my bs 2 hours after and it was about 190 to be expected after the chinese. I checked again and now it’s 282. I checked my tubing, did a prime and didn’t see any insulin coming out. I changed the reservoir and tubing because I had some extra tubing from a blotched set change yesterday. I just checked and it’s back down to 165. So I know where you’re coming from. You did the correct thing by checking ketones and drinking water. I didn’t bother because I had already diagnosed the problem. Good luck with your pump. I am new to a pump too. Less than a month.