Uh...hey. I'm new :)

like…really new.
not just to the site, but to all of this.
I just got out of the hospital yesterday night.
and I was just…
idunno really.
just looking to meet some people.
have someone to talk to.
all of that.
This is certainly a big, overwhelming change.
after three days in the hospital I’m out in the world and my parents and I have this big…thing…to manage.
It seemed so controlled there,
but now that i’m out here it’s a lot scarier…

hey brittany! i know what you mean, i was in your shoes a year ago. one day at a time girlie, one day at a time. and everyone at TuDiabetes is here to help!

Hi, Brittany,
I’m glad you found us. It is really overwhelming at first but you’ll manage. I was diagnosed about a year ago and at first I couldn’t believe how many changes I had to make in my life. But it gets easier, and I have to say I feel so much better than I did over the last couple of years when I was walking around with high blood sugar. Good luck and I hope you get some good responses from the other kids cos they are the ones who really understand what you’re going through.

Just hang in there and welcome the change! Changes are always good right?! I was diagnosed almost 11 years ago…and I am still “getting the hang” of it. It does get easier, and if you have a family that supports you, it’s even better =) This is a great place to meet people who are going through the same things…have any questions, you will get answers. have a problem, you will get help from others. scared, nervous, anxious…you will find encouraging words. good luck with your new journey!

Hey, Brittany. Glad you joined and posted here. We’re here for you. I was diagnosed at ten years old. You walk in (or get rolled in) to the hospital one day and walk out later with this new piece to your life. I am 28 now and teach high school. And through TuDiabetes, I’ve met so many people with common concerns who are in the same stage of life as I am or who have been through what I’m now experiencing. It’s going to be okay. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you.

Welcome Brittany ! I just saw your great page! How did you get the tunes - I want to do that also.
I recall being where you are getting out of the hospital. It is a new world - Be Alive! You have joined a great group of fighters who share the frustrations of diabetes. I want to be available for any questions or comments you have on it. My resume really is 34 years with type 1 and going strong. i am not sure why I manage to do well perhaps luck or genes or constant vigilance to monitor the Blood Sugars. What greade are you in and what are your future plans?

ah. there’s a website called myflashfetish.com where i got the player on my page :slight_smile:

and, I’m going to be in tenth grade.
as far as the future, right now I’m planning on majoring in music education :slight_smile:
fun stuff.

Hi Brittany

It’ll be ok!! you have US here to help!! Just like Landi said 1 day at a time!

Hi Brittany,

I’m new too & just diagnosed in late May. Was in the hospital for three days also & kept telling the nurses they made a mistake because I’m 53 years old & couldn’t possibly be a Type 1 diabetic. Well, I wasn’t in my right head from sleep deprivation (because they were taking blood from me every 30 minutes & I never got any sleep), but even still I couldn’t believe it.

So, even though I’m much older than you, I felt overwhelmed by the changes. I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital, but was also scared to leave–know how you feel. I kept thinking I won’t know what to do on my own & what if I do everything wrong!

I read everything I could get my hands on & asked for help from experienced people. Just knowing more, though this in itself was overwhelming (so much info), made me feel more in control. Knowledge is power, right?

Glad you found this group. I’ve gained a lot from reading the posts, more than I’ve learned from my doctors & from the useless diabetic education classes I took through hospital. Everyone is truly wonderful about helping, sharing & being supportive.

Hi Brittany:

Welcome to a great community. My son was just diagnosed two weeks ago and I know how you feel. Just take it one day at a time. There is tons of info. on the net to fill you in. Most of all, listen to your doctor and dietitian. Following your food plan is very important in maintaining your Diabetes. You will be fine Brittany. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also vent about your frustrations. Hang in there! You are not alone.

Hay Brittany, Welcome, it will get easer as you go along. I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday back in 1971. As I read your post it helped me remember some of the struggles and how I felt when the Dr. told me I would be taking shots the rest of my life. 5 years later they invented a pump the size of a backpack and look where we are today. I will not say it will be easy but you can become anything you set your mind to.
Glad you are here because we can learn from you also.
Good Luck and God bless

I’m new, too, Brittany. Welcome to this awesome site. People here are really, really nice!!! I just joined over the weekend and people were welcoming me right and left! Sorry to hear you’re just out of the hospital. Did you just get diagnosed while you were in the hospital this time? There’s lots of good information here and seems like loads of support. I’m still dealing with the reality that I am a diabetic and, more importantly, I have to change my ways in order to lower my blood glucose level and eat better and exercise. I’m not insulin dependent (yet) but will be soon if I don’t change, and I might be anyway, who knows? But, I can tell you that IF you do what you need to do, most people have a pretty normal and awesome life, despite being diabetic! Good luck, and again… welcome to a friendly place! (I’m enjoying this new site just about as much as I do myspace!!!) ; )

Actually, I can’t become a trucker. darnnnnnn. :slight_smile:

Hey Brittany… i kno that scary feeling… i was diagnosed like 30th march and i knew nufin bout anything… its all new and its still changing which is really annoying and all i want is the gd stuff that i cant have alot of!!! It does get easier after the 1st month or so =S just takes time to get ya head round things tho. Theres sum pretty cool peeps on here tha know what they on about an have yrs of experience so to get my head in gear an learn a little more i bin readin alot bout it… All i wanted to say was hiii n welcome but i seem to have rambled on!! Sorry!! =)

Welcome Brittany, best wishes in your diabetic journey.
Keep going, keep learning, keep doing…it’s gonna be o.k.


It is big, and it can be scary at time, but try and think of it in terms of it is part of you - YOU are bigger than IT!

Plus if someone with as terrible organisation skills and willpower as me can do it, so can you!

Kris x

Hey Brittany, I am the mom of Rob who is also new to diabetes,scary is not even a big enough word for this,are you coping ok. I bet Rob my son is older than you , but he has type one and no insurance so even worse…so if you want to talk i would love to and he will too…take care est right ans do your meds!!! Laura