New to the site!

Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 7 months ago. I was sick for about a month before anyone would diagnose my illness as diabetes. The doctors I saw (which were horrible) thought I was having a panic attack, because of the stress I was under. Finally they ran my blood sugar level, to only discover I indeed had diabetes. I was in the ICU for a week, with DKA. At first I was in denial, thinking they had made a mistake. Living with this disease is frustrating, and I get mad sometimes, thinking why did I have to get this now.

This is why I have come to the site. I wanted to find people my age with similar situations. My friends and family sometimes do not understand what I am feeling. Everything is new to me, and I am just trying to get adjusted to this new lifestyle! Any advice anyone would have I would love to hear about it!

I was also diagnosed 7 months ago as well. I’m also new to all of this. I’m learning the best way to help my friends and family understand is to be my own advocate about the things I’m feeling and going through. They won’t know unless I tell them.
Even though, I admit that sometimes that is difficult, because I don’t know how I’m feeling about things. The thing that helps me is I try to see the “lighter” side of all of this. I also try to remind my friends and family that I am the same person I was before I was diagnosed, just someone who is more aware of healthier things. I hope this helps.

I’m also 22, but I’ve had type 1 for 14 years. I have a blog about my life with diabetes, Feel free to check it out and if you have any questions, just let me know. Take care!

Hi Rachel,I am 41 years old but I was diagnosed at the age of 19.I know too well of those feelings that put you in denial.I am on an insulin pump after 22 years of shots.A pump is a great alternative to shots.Read all you can about diabetes so you can be informed.Take it one day at a time.Good luck.

I was diagnosed 9 months ago (I’m 24), eventually determined Type 1. Its a rough go and a big adjustment I know and I’m still working on getting the kinks out it is so frustrating sometimes. Without the understanding of friends and family it can make it even harder to cope with, my best advice is to read everything, every book,every study anything to help you get a better grasp of what is going on in your body, write everything down so you can begin to see patterns and changes, and educate anyone and everyone around you willing to listen with what you have learned and what it means to your self care. Ask questions, constantly. Oh and last but not least…YOU have to take care of YOURSELF, you can have a great endo and diabetes care team but in the end you have to be able to manage and keep up with your plan…they can put you on the right path but they can’t do it for you. Almost forgot… take it one day at a time, for sanities sake.
You’ve found a great forum that is a wealth of compassion and knowledge. Use it and welcome.

Bravo Meg.
Rachel, take everything she said to heart. It is the best advice you can get. And welcome to our community. We are happy to have you. Here you will find a great understanding and acceptance. Just keep coming back to let everyne know how you are doing. Good luck.

Hi Rachel! It’s so wonderful you are reaching out and saying how you feel. I was diagnosed at 25 years of age (13 years ago) and it was life-changing and hard. I went to 4 doctors before they figured it out. BUT I first want to let you know that this disease is manageable and you can live a long healthy life. We are all living proof of that. Others brush their teeth daily… and we manage our diabetes too. It will become a part of you. Remember to FEEL how you want to FEEL- sad, pissed, different, good, sexy, mad, happy, fearful, etc, etc. You will go through a lot of emotions. But, with me, I got pissed and decided life was not going to end … whatever I needed to do to live I would do. AND with a strong support system (friends, family, doctor team, nutritionist) you can do it. You will feel like you are educating the world on “diabetes” - but be proud of who you are and that you can take control of this disease and NOT let it control you!

You have a very nice site!

Hey Rachel,
I’m new to the site as well; but it seems pretty awesome so far!

I don’t have diabetes, but my family has been dealing with it since I was a little guy (my dad was diagnosed with Type-1 at 32). It definitely can be scary stuff at times, but it has really brought our family together in ways that I’m not sure would have happened if he wasn’t diagnosed with Type-1.

Take care Rachel, and good luck to you.