Ultrasound of thyroid

At my endocrine appointment on Friday the doc. noticed swelling in my neck (due to my thyroid). I am scheduled to have an ultrasound in May (her 1st available). If she finds any nodules that are 1cm or larger, I will have a biopsy done in the office.

Just wondering if anyone has had an experience with this. I'm not worried about the 10% chance of cancer with a nodule (such a small chance & I'm not going to jump the gun & worry about a 10% chance of something when I haven't even had the ultrasound). I'm worried about the procedure itself as far as what to expect (level of discomfort for example). I realize this is a common procedure so I'm hoping someone can share some info with me.

Thanks so much!

Have you had the thyroid blood tests done too?

Most common reason for a T1 with swollen thyroid, will be hypothyroidism due to autoimmune thyroiditis.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost 30 years ago now! Back then the docs were much more pokey-feeley than they are today, and they didn't run the thyroid blood tests until I had presented with swollen thyroid.

I was diagnoised with hypothyroid at the age of 15 or 16. I've been on Synthroid since then. My labs have always been in normal range since being treated with medication. They have increaed my dose of Synthroid to treat symptoms (not the lab #'s-since those are within a 'normal' range).

I've been told two different things by my docs about swollen thyroid:

1: It is swollen because of inflammation as it is attacked by my immune system


2: It is swollen because it is working overly hard to make thyroid hormones as its effectiveness is reduced by autoimmune attacks.

Not sure which of the above is true. Maybe they're both true, or maybe they're both false! Docs aren't pokey-feely in the same way they were when I was a kid, but if I ask them about my thyroid, they will poke at it and tell me it's swollen. Last time I asked abou that was probably a couple years ago.

I think they are wanting to do the ultrasound becuase this is a new finding. I can even notice when I looked in the mirror after my appointment. I compared to some pics that were taken 1yr+ ago & there is a difference.

I find it odd that these nodules can be present even with thyroid treatment (the synthroid). Where do they come from/how do they just randomly begin to form?

I had an ultrasound for my thyroid just last year after being diagnosed. My endo noticed my thyroid was larger so I went in for an ultrasound and then for the biopsy. Now, I'm not sure if you are asking about the ultrasound or the biopsy?

The ultrasound is painless and relatively quick. The only "bad" part would possibly be the gel being very cold around your neck when they are doing the ultrasound. When it comes to the biopsy, well, it was really painful, but more of uncomfortable. I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't want to do it many times. The results came back and luckily, I had no cancer, but I understand it can be stressful not knowing what is going on. I just had a ultrasound on my thyroid again, a few days ago, so I might have to again for another biopsy. There might be a thyroid to diabetes connection, but I'm not sure exactly how they are correlated if at all.

If you have an autoimmune type of thyroid condition, such as Graves disease or Hashimotos, you are more than likely a Type 1. Most people with one autoimmune condition end up with more than one. It is one of the things on my list that I presented to an endo to prove that I'd been misdiagnosed and was Type 1, not Type 2. (another autoimmune condition, lost 40 pounds at diagnosis, insulin sensitive (not resistant), oral meds stopped working after 15 months and I had a very low c-peptide


At the moment I don't have a thyroid condition that I am diagnosed for. Though both of my parents have autoimmune diseases, so there is a good chance of some form of autoimmune disease (diabetes) being passed down to myself.

Then that would lean you towards Type 1; Type 1 is autoimmune.

That is definitely a possibility, I guess the tests will tell.

By the way, you mentioned getting GAD antibody testing; you should read Melitta's blogs as she recommends the full panel of Type 1 antibodies not just GAD (which is the most common in LADA)

I've had several ultrasounds... none of thyroid though. There shouldn't be any discomfort at all... aside from the generally unpleasant sensation of someone smearing warm goo all over your neck and then sliding around the sensor. The procedure itself is nothing to worry about...

I had an ultra sound of my parathyroid glands on January 30. Did not hurt all. I am assuming that the thyroid ultrasound is very similar. The solution they smear on your neck feels weird, but not that uncomfortable at all.

God bless,