Annoying or funny things people say, or do… (Doesn’t have to be related to Diabetes)… Just for a laugh.

Share your stories/anecdotes here...

I'll start:

My cell # is 1 number off of the Jordan Creek mall #. Some people call over and over thinking I'm the mall. This one woman calls twice in a row. The first time I let it go to voice mail. She *ignored* this and called right back. I tell her, "No, I'm sorry, I'm not the mall..." So then whoever she was with, calls right back from HER cell phone, and asks me "Are you sure you're not the mall?" lol

Oh, yes, I used to get a lot of that too! “Why don’t you have a cell phone?” lol I finally had to get one because in Human Resources, everyone’s always whining and need to call you. lol

Speaking of phone numbers, my name is the same as that of the high school principal. His name begins with a J, so they find mine first when looking up his number. Lost track of how many times peopled called at 6 AM wanting to know if school was closed due to snow. It’s a small town. When I’ve told people they’ve reached the wrong Gerri, they often argued. We got so sick of these calls, that my husband & I would tell people “yes, school is closed today.” Parents would also call to complain about anything & everything school related. My voicemail would be full of complaints.

Yes, it’s like what do you say back? “Sorry, I must’ve bopped my head on something and forgotten that I’m the school principal!” lol “Or, yeah, I forgot that I’m the mall! I have a sale going on today! Two idiots for the price of one!” hehe

I’ve had Diabetes for two years and at least once a week I have to explain to family and/or friends that yes Carbs are still sugar. I went to my parents house one night for dinner and my mother ( who is trying very hard to be supportive) puts two ears of corn on my plate and tells me im to skinny… I told her I didnt want them because I didnt feel like taking a huge shot of insulin. She looks me in the eye and says " but its not sugar… its natural sugar" :confused: I just shook my head and walked away.

hehehehe and isn’t cane sugar still “natural sugar,” anyway?? lol It’s not like it’s made out of plastic! lol It’s ALL natural sugar hehehehe (Well, unless HFCS) :slight_smile:

I always wondered how many kids didn’t show up for school on the days I declared snow days–lol! Too bad teachers didn’t call for raises, I would have given them a huge pay increase.

Ya … try explaining that to MY mother… again!

This is the same woman who got mad because I didnt want any homemade bread… its natural! I said … “did you put sugar in it?’” she just looked at me really confused and said … yes . Once again … I shook my head and walked away! :slight_smile: shes trying.

hehehehe! Yeah… just like people think fruit are sugar free, too. :slight_smile:

Ha Ha … Yep! Your the first Diabetic Ive ever talked to!

Well a huge, HUGE welcome to our community!!! :)))) We’re glad to have ya.

Thank you! Its been a relief to read everyones stories…even my doctor admits to knowing nothing about Diabetes… so she is of no help or support. I dont even know anyone who can understand. Like i said, my mother tries. :slight_smile:

Yes… I’m the same way. When I was diagnosed, my doctor proceeded to go on the American Diabetes Association website so that she could tell me what to do. lol Scary! :slight_smile: My mom lives far away, and every time she calls me, she grills me for my numbers. lol My husband tries to force me to be a more “compliant” diabetic, in his eyes, too… as if I didn’t do enough already. heh :slight_smile: It’s the life, I tell ya… Here’s a fun video about the “Diabetic Police” that one of our members made. hehe I had to laugh really hard at that one.

Find more videos like this on TuDiabetes

Ya ! She had me as a type 2 for the first 8 mounths… had me on handfulls of pills. I did some research online and insisted she test me for type one. By the time she finally agreed I was in the ER and they had given me insulin. I think I must have wronged her in a past life. :slight_smile:

HA HA ! Thats hilarious! and accurate!

I admin a Diabetes group on Facebook, and this one woman wrote me an e-mail once… asking why her husband’s blood sugar was high in the mornings… I tried not to assume that she knew anything about Diabetes, so I took a really long/scenic route approach to explaining to her everything about glucose, where it all comes from… all about carbohydrates/proteins and fats… and THEN after that, I told her about Dawn Phenomenon and the Somogyi Effect, etc… She replied a simple one sentence of “OMG, 6 years of Diabetes FINALLY make sense!” I felt relieved for her, and so sad for her, too, at the same time.

I have a cell phone but it is for ER only – only 6 people have my number (my four children, my husband and my endo office because they call every Friday with my insulin changes). I just tell people I don’t have one since I won’t give out my number.

Let’s not even get into I don’t have text messaging. lol

OH! I like you so much!

Hey, we don’t have one either! Everyone usually says “REALLY???,” but then they move on. Yup, if ya wanna contact me, there’s only the good old fashioned land line. Or email. Or stalk me and surprise me on the street.