Uncontrolled BG levels :(

Hii she wasnt much help she told me to keep doing what i am doing up until now she just increased the lantus dose to 27 units and check my BS AT 2 AM every night she said she will see about the pump and that i have to stick to the sliding scale for awhile to see if it works because i cant keep changing my treatment and i also told her my feet are swollen she said that this is normal for diabetics dats about it.

Well, that’s disappointing! I feel bad for you because uncontrolled diabetes is miserable to live with!! :frowning: And getting up at 2AM every night is no picnic, either. I just wish there was something I could do about it! :frowning:

She doesn’t sound all that helpful and it also sounds like it is her agenda and not yours that is being taken into account. Maybe you are more patient than me but if it was me I’d do one of two things. I’d either look for an endo who was more willing to work with me. And/or I would make some changes on my own such as reading Using Insulin and learning to carb count and figure I:C ratios for dosing and perhaps also split your basal dose.

Hi Maddy -

You need a new doctor. Just increasing your Lantus to 27 instead of cutting back on your Lantus and at least giving you a real sliding scale such as:

Eat 45 grams of carbs per meal. Take 5 units if under 100, 6 units if between 150-200 and 7 units if over 200 (all these numbers are made up as an example)

is totally unhelpful. Swollen feet may be typical in her practice because she doesn’t help her clients but they aren’t typical of newly diagnosed Type 1s.

You need an endo to help because you are so far off track but I would run as fast as I can from that hospital. Increasing your Lantus will increase your chances of lows overnight not reduce them.


I agree with Zoe, you need to either look for another endo that can help or learn to do it yourself. I had problems also and did not get help from doctors – it was the online diabetic community that helped me.

By raising your Lantus, you are going to cause more lows. That is what happened to me when I was on Lantus – they kept raising it to make it last 24 hours. I was waking up every night in the 30s and 40s in order to make it last. You already said that you are crashing at night & in the mornings. Do you want to be even lower than you already are? That is what is going to happen if you add more Lantus to what you are taking now.

You don’t need your doctors permission to make changes. All you need from her is the script for the insulin. Diabetes is a self management disease. Get the book Using Insulin and learn to do it yourself. You will be better off in the long run,. All this doctor is doing is guaranteeing you have complications.

Whoa! I just read back through the thread and made the connection that you are experiencing LOWS during the night and at rising and she is increasing your Lantus! Does she really not know she can use Levemir or split the dose in order to counter the highs you experience in the evening?

Yes, I completely agree with Maurie and Kelly. If you don’t feel comfortable yet doing so much on your own, find someone who will work with you not against you until you do. But it is your body so work on learning as much as you can so that you know what will work, keep good log records so you can see patterns (I think you already do see them!) and speak up for what you know is right for Maddy, not anyone else. People on this board are here to help. Two years ago when I figured out I had been misdiagnosed this is where I came for knowledge and support.

I know it sucks i hate the sluggish feeling when its high and the shakiness and the sweating when its low. i know getting up at 2 am will be a task but i have to do it, thanks for wanting to do something :slight_smile:

yea Maurie that is what iam going to do find a new endo that will work with me and actually help me control my BS

Hii Zoe i heard of a diabetes center here in NY the Noami Berry diabetes center i am going to go there and see if i can get an apt with a endo that is more helpful and can show me how to controll my blood sugar better also i came here for knowledge and support and i am sure i came to the right place :slight_smile:

also the endo i saw today didnt give me other options jus increased the lantus dose and yea the highs are in the evening

HII Kelly WPA i will follow what you said and get that book because i dont wanna get any lower BS readings and i am going to look for another endo. I defenitly dont want any complications dats the part that scares me most and i dont want to go into DKA either because 3 weeks ago i went into DKA and it was really bad i dont want to go through that again ever

When you call to get an appointment, tell them what your blood sugars have been. That might help to get them to see you more urgently.

If you see that your numbers don’t continue to go down, then DO go to the ER.

Yes, I completely agree with Zoe. Increasing your Lantus will likely make you have MORE lows during the night. Be sure to wake up at 2am for a while to check for lows.

If you are seeing highs in the evening and lows in the night, you may want to gradually move your Lantus from 11pm to 6pm or so by taking it 1 hour earlier per day (you do NOT want to suddenly change the time of your injections, one hour change per day!). This would mean that your lows would be more likely in the evening when you are awake rather than at night!!

Good girl!! You are being proactive, and you desperately need to do that right now! As Kristin said, let them know how much trouble you are having, and that you need an urgent appointment.
Please let us know how it goes!

Yea i called them and told them my #s and they want me to come in next week on friday i am excited to go c this new endo lol

yea like i told kirsten i have to go to the center on friday and i will let you guys know how it goes :slight_smile:

I really hope that this one will be a better fit for you. That last one was crazy to say you can’t keep changing treatments. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today and what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow so you need to be able to keep changing stuff.

yea i will do that take my insuline 1 hr earler each day cuz night lows are scary it might just get to low n i wont know and yea i started checking at 2am

Hoorah! Hope that you will have a better experience this time! Good job for being proactive :slight_smile:

I didn’t see this yesterday but I’m thrilled. Do keep in touch.


I figured in New York there had to be some good providers! I’m so glad you are doing that instead of just sticking with the other doctor. I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes!