Under 20g Carbs Per Day

Does anyone eat this low carb (under 20g per day)? Is this unhealthy to do for over two weeks?

I routinely eat a very low carb diet. There is nothing wrong with this, but you should not just suddenly start such a diet and then stop. Most people find that they take several weeks to adapt to such a diet and often don't feel well during that transition (sometimes called the Atkins flu). And you shouldn't diet as an action to lose a bunch of weight and then return to your old diet, you should just make a change to your lifestyle and maintain that. Forever. Otherwise you will just yo-yo.

I agree with Brian about sustainable life style changes and not going on the yo-yo merrygoround. I also echo Sally's last sentence and wonder if you should look at have an eating disorder? I have 19 years recovery from my own eating disorder and yet I can still recognize in myself the disordered thinking about body image and weight that is a part of it. Diabetes definitely can bring out these type issues in women.

Read Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. I wouldn't go lower than he recommends, and his diet is effective for anyone trying to gain the benefits from going low carb. Many feel it is overkill, but you'll lose weight and probably have an easier time with BG management if you can stay on it.

I'm probably a little better at going cold turkey with stuff, but I agree that it is best to slowly transition to something like this. Also, fast transitions often result in some weird unpredictable outcomes. I've been going lower carb lately (around 40-50 per day) after already being on a fairly low carb diet, and my basal needs recently dropped WAY down.

I've eaten under 30 carbs a day for 4 years :)