Unrelated questions

Hey ladies!
I have two unrelated (well, both pretaining to pregnancy) quesitons…

  1. How many carbs did you try to stick to in a day? I’m having a lot of food aversions but of course not from carbs or things I shouldn’t be eating. For example, I wanted pizza for supper last night SO bad but didn’t want to throw my sugar out of whack. Did you girls stick to a strict diet or did you allow yourself pizza or other things high in carbs?

  2. I am 7 wks along. From the beginning I’ve had sore breasts and last week had nausea. However, this week it seems all symptoms have just disappeared. Is this normal or should I worry?

Thanks you girls…guess you can tell this is my first! :slight_smile:

Hey! Congrats on the baby! I was just coming on here to see if anyone has used Clomid and saw your post! Sorry…I don’t have any suggestions since I’m not pregnant yet. Good luck though!

Hey Kim

I have used Clomid.


Not sure on the carb thing. I am wrapping up my 5 week and have an ultrasound on Thurs. I am nervous as well as I do not seem to have an nausea etc. My breasts were sore but them seem to be doing better now. if you find anything out please let us know.


I followed a relatively strict and scheduled diet, but not a low carb one. I ate 185g of carbs a day, but focused mainly on eating carbs that had predictable effects (things that I could count accurately and mostly ate at home). I did eat pizza a few times during pregnancy, but only 1 (or maybe a couple times 2) slices with a large salad with chicken breast (so I would not feel hungry and want to eat a bunch more pizza). Then I checked my blood sugar every hour to prevent soaring highs or delayed highs. In my opinion, it is OK to splurge occasionally, but to check consistently after that to make sure you don’t spike.

My endo insisted on a very strict diet. I know that not all women with type 1 follow this type of scheduled and consistent diet very closely, but I saw the difference when I avoided extremely high carb food or foods that were hard to predict (like pizza). I ate the same sources of carbs at every meal 40g of CH (either 80g of whole wheat bread, 140g of rice, 150g of pasta, 200g of potato, or 350g of boiled lentils). I weighed everything and it took one variable out of the guess work: I was very confident that my carb counts were accurate. This may not be helpful for everyone, but it did help me a lot!

I ate about 80 - 120g of carbs a day. I had a lot of lows for most of my pregnancy, so there were days I had to eat 50g extra just to keep them above 3.5

Sore boobs and nausea was common for me in the first few weeks of pregnancy. I lived off of pineapple and granny smith apples for every meal. I think it was week 8 or 9 when the tenderness subsided. As for the nausea, that went away by week 10’ish.

Hope this helps! Try not to worry too much. I was a huge worry-wort until week 15. Everything will be just fine :slight_smile:

Me too.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

  1. I don’t have a specific number of carbs that I limit myself to each day. My general rule is to only eat the type and amount of carbs that I can while still maintaining good blood sugar control. Yes, I have had days where I eat pizza for dinner. However, I know that I can’t just have carbs for dinner without a HUGE spike, so if I do pizza, then I also have to consume a lot of protein with it to level out the spike. Maybe order some chicken along with the pizza?

  2. I had sore breasts I think around weeks 7-10, and had severe, all-day, every-day nausea from about weeks 6-10. All of the sudden one morning I woke up and the symptoms were completely gone. I was very scared (my first baby too :wink: and called my OB who was very reassuring. I guess it is completely normal to have those symptoms mysteriously disappear. I’m currently 27 weeks and everything looks great!

I just finished my first round on Sunday. I was expecting side effects and didn’t notice any. I’m wondering if the dose is too low. I’m going on Monday for an ultrasound to see if it’s working and to check fr Polycystic Ovary disease. We’ve only been trying since June, but I only had a period once since June so he went ahead and put me on Clomid. I was surprised! I thought that they usually make you wait at least a year. I told him I wasn’t concerned about not getting pregnant and just wanted to make sure that I’m healthy, but he went ahead and gave me the medicine anyway. Did you take it that soon?

Sorry to post this on your discussion Anna!!! I hope everything is going well for you. :slight_smile:

I waited 6 months. In Mar I started my first round. 100 mg. I actually got pregnant, but miscarried at 5-6 weeks. Had to wait to get my period before round 2 which was June. I only used 50 mg. No period for two months. Aug was round 3. September round 4. I am now six weeks pregnant. I definitely noticed the side effects seemed to get more noticeable with each round.

Hmm…that’s good to know. I’m sorry that you’ve had so many obstacles! I’ll be thinking of you this time around. :slight_smile:

I should have said rounds 3 and 4 were 100 mg of clomid. Had the 6 week ultrasound this week, nearly cried when they pointed out the heartbeat. Still, somehow I can not ease my nerves. Sigh.

I hope all goes well! I hear listening to the heartbeat is suh a relief!