Update -- keeping myself on track, mostly!

I checked my meter’s seven-day average today and it’s crept up to 8.5 (153 mg/dl).

I have been running higher in general over the past week. The previous two weeks were the “easy” weeks and this and the next week are the “hard” weeks.

Still, most of my highs of above 11 (200 mg/dl) have been because I’ve eaten foods I knew would make me high. Except for last night, when I went to bed at 7.3 (131 mg/dl) and woke up at 3:00 AM with a blood sugar of 16.7 (301 mg/dl). Not sure what that was about. But that’s the only major high where I’ve gone, “WTH?” over. I’ve been spiking to 8-10 (150-180) after meals which, a week ago with less insulin, would only spike me to 6 (115 or so), and I think my higher average has more to do with those than with the scattered highs in the teens I’ve had. On the upside, I haven’t been having daily lows.

So, given that, an 8.5 average isn’t horrible. I would like to see if I can get it back down into the 7s, though, "hard’ week or not!

I am definitely getting my A1c done tomorrow. I have been attempting to get it done for weeks now but my school schedule and the lab schedule do not mesh well. My 30-day average is 7.9 (142 mg/dl) which, if my A1c is in the same range, indicates a 6.6%. I do not think it will be that low as I’ve only had a handful of A1c’s that low in the past, but anything in the low 7s or high 6s I would be totally happy with for now.

Congrats on the improvement!

Sometimes, we take two steps forward and one step back. I think it is really important to stand back, take a look at the big picture and give yourself credit for your progress (and you have made major progress). I am happy for you.

Thanks, bsc. You’re right, I need to keep that in mind. That’s what caused such a long stretch of burnout before, I was never happy with how I was doing.

Good job with the improvement! I’d advise, though, not looking at “averages” as they can be very misleading. Generally, we (or perhaps I should say I) tend to test more when my BGs are out-of-range rather than when they are good, because I’m trying to get them to that safe range. So your average is not a time-average across the day, rather it’s weighted more on the “bad” times when you test more…