Update on pump

Just heard back from my Animas pump rep. and I am all approved for the pump. I have to come up $1300 up front instead of $1600 and they will give me a 30% discount on supplies, so now it is just a matter of raising the $1300 to get it.


are they insane? 30% it shoudl be free!!!

My insurance won’t cover it so I have to pay out of pocket for it.

YOU GO GIRL! I know how these stupid insurances are! You pay on it forever not needing it then when you DO NEED IT THEY WON’T PAY FOR IT! I guess that’s how insurance got to be such a scam! Nothing against good insurances companies but I’ve had to deal with some bad ones too! If you don’t have the money and your insurance don’t cover it sometimes (not all) your just as my mom used to say " up a creek without a paddle" I will leave the “bad” word out of that! HA! ! still say do the fundrasig thing! Another tip that helped me alot was when the local paper then the local news picked up on the story mainly from all those little donation cans at all the local stores here! GOOD LUCK AND KEEP ON SMILING!

Medtronic has a payment plan for what the insurance does not cover. It is a no credit check type of a deal you just have to sign some forms, basically your 6000 dollar pump is collateral!!! You may want to look into a Minimed if money is tight.

My Minmed was 6000.00…They took 30% off cause of my income… that price was the insulin pump and one month of supplies and I made payment of 60.00 a month… which I’m still paying…Now my health insurance ( medicare and Kansas Medicaid) pays for the insulin pump supplies…

Well, first I want to wish you the best on raising the money for your pump. Its defnitely the best possible way to spend your money and will provide you with a brand new amazing way to live your life.

I would have gone with Medtronic too. They offer financial assistance for people who cant afford the insurance balance, and they have no interest payment plans that go as low as 50 dollars per month. Plus, you have access to all the superior technology with continous monitor, and the 24 hour help center.

I would call into their main number, someone would be more than happy to explain it all to you. Plus their sales force is about 200 times as big, and they may even be able to come to your house.