Worth the Price?

I have been on a “test” loaned pump out of my doc’s office for a couple days. It isn’t too much of a pain to deal with having something connected to me. If it were not for the high price of the pump and ongoing supply costs I would totally use one. But…I don’t make a ton of money and I am terrified that the cost wont justify something that admittedly I might be able to somewhat mimic with MDI. HELP! Please give me your opinions on this!

Who recommended you use a pump? If it was your Endo, then ask him if it’s absolutely necessary. In my case, I was using MDI for years, and I got to the point where they no longer worked for me (I was too brittle). In my case, the pump was the ONLY option, and my insurance covered 80 percent of the cost of supplies. (This still meant that I have to pay roughly $200-$300 a month for supplies).

If you can’t afford payments like that, then scour some of the other discussion groups here on Tudiabetes and look for info on “free supplies”. I’ve been told that it’s possible to get supplies for next to nothing from certain charities…but I can’t help with the specifics, as I’ve (thankfully) been able to afford my supplies (so far).

While I don’t your financial situation… I can’t speak highly enough of using the pump!! My opinion is that is well worth the financial sacrifice for the peace of mind alone! Ask your doc. for any financial help info. out there. My guess is Animas would also work out something. They have been 100% helpful with me.

My opinion is that it is worth is money. Yes, it’s ALOT. My life has changed so dramatically since being on the pump. There is so much more freedom and security with the pump. It’s really up to you though. I have to reorder supplies every couple of months and it still is a couple hundred out of pocket with insurance, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love it.

I’m waiting to find out but Animas told me that my supplies would be covered under my insurance plan. So after a $400 yearly deductible the rest are free. But as far as the $400 a year, Animas will take payments as low as $50 a month. I spent approximately $468 on syringes and pen needles this year. So, if I’m approved for my pump, I can save money…lol.

But I do understand what it’s like not to have the budget for things not covered by insurance. If I’m not approved by insurance I will continue MDI. Good luck in your decision.