Update, tips and suggestions

Realized today that I’ve been VERY quiet lately. It doesn’t mean I’ve been inactive. More like very little drama - thank goodness!

I’ve ironed out several finer details of traveling with my supplies. I have a folder of all the medication details, a letter from my Dr. and emergency notes - who to call, what to and where the bodies are buried. Since I set up daily medication baggies, and have everything labeled with name and phone number, no one messes with my meds. I do STRONGLY recommend getting a 4 pen size FRIO from http://www.CoolerConcept.com I’ve used it on 2 of the last 3 trips and we are always amazed at how well they work - in all climates. I do suggest you pick up a mesh bag (like we used for dishwashing in the girl scouts) to hang your frio in so that it gets plenty of air around it. Esp. when you get home and want to dry it out! There is nothing like a stinky Frio!
(Patty at Cooler Concepts will help you with ANY questions!)

I use the 4 pen so that I can travel with spares of my Lantus and Novolog. Airport security doesn’t mess with it, they just want you to verify that that is what you have. I tell them when I go through that there is a Frio with insulin pens in the top of the bag and they nod and say thank you. Have never opened it or had to explain further.

The day to day stuff is ever changing. I no longer excuse myself to go test and bolus in the privacy (?) of a public restroom. My husband started insisting that I just do it right at the table when we eat out and now it is just a quick and easy task. Thank you to Accu-Check Compact for the best easy meter unit! Except for the noise of the strip dropping and a beep tone, very quick and quiet.

We are getting the hang of when the insulin peaks and when to grab a snack BEFORE I crash. Snack baggies of cookies and candy corn are routinely put in locations for easy access - the glove box of the car, my book bag, my meter bag. Think I’m keeping ziplock in business with my own purchases some days!

I’m very lucky to live close to the offices of Fifty/50 http://www.fifty50.com They have some great meter bags/supply cases and fairly inexpensive id bracelets. These are in the kids dept, so you might have to check your wrist measurements before ordering. I have a variety of different styles and colors. They have a “jelly” band…it is softer than those bands we wear to concerts, and very bold. I have not used them for my medical supplies yet though I know they have reasonable pricing and will work with your insurance providers if you let them.

See, I told you update, tips and suggestions!

Obviously, I’m not feeling like some old freaky lady any more. I don’t feel I’ve mastered the diet and bolus insulin yet. I’m feeling content with my body, the bruising and being on “life support”. I guess that’s an improvement! Now if I could just master the lows, I’d be in good stead.

Thanks for taking time to read and I hope you will make recommendations that work for you!