My “D” day is coming up, so I thought I should tell my story on that day to you guys. I havn’t told, or ever wrote down exactly what happened the pre and post story of my diagnosis. So I think it will feel amazing to get that out, and im excited for that! Sure I have friends and family to talk to, and even friends from diabetes camp, but I was never into much detail, because I had pins sticking out of me for an arm injury, but that is another story! So I know that posting here, people would take the time to read it, and understand with out that much exsplaining.
Also I had a diabetes educator appointment last week! She said that my insurance covers cgms now! I was never fond of the idea because I thought there were wires or tubes. Taking away from the key point of the no strings attached omnipod. She showed me the dexcom seven plus and im liking the idea very much! I wouldnt have to test as much! My mom allways wants me to know my numbers, and im good with that but being able to look down at a little screen and see my sugars with out having to stop to test makes my EASY!
The educator also said that it can go far distances and still pick up info, so I could be sleeping in my room and my mom have the wireless unit, so if I go low in the night she knows about it. I know she worries about me, so it makes me feel good too! It would also give mom and dad more convidence in me to go out for longer amounts of time.
So with "d"day and a cgm coming, diabetes is a big part of my life, in a good way! :slight_smile:

I guess you have a wonderful "gift"on your “d” day =)

That is awesome! My insurance does NOT and has NEVER covered a CGM for anyone…for any reason. I think a CGM will help you fine tune your numbers and get even better control. Good Luck and Happy D day!

Good luck with your future CGM, Luke! :slight_smile: Hope you get one.

Awesome you can get a CGMS without an insurance battle. Hope it helps you.

Stay well!